Music: it is something we listen to every single day, in different environments. To most, music gives us that release from the dragging of time during the work day, or to unwind once it's time to go to bed or during our personal time.

In the world of music, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different kinds of genres. For a select few, there is Heavy Metal.

Metal is not music for your typical easy listener. It is raw, loud, and perhaps the most powerful kind of music that has ever existed. Metal is generally comprised of heavily distorted guitars, fast drums, and "raunchy", screaming vocals. Sounds great right? Believe it or not, to some of us, it is the perfect tool for blowing off some steam, and even relaxation.
Metal artists performing
All of the loudness, the screaming, the relentlessness of metal is what the music is known for, but ultimately, can also be it's greatest downfall when it comes to the harsh stereotypes.

Admit it: we've all seen those kids walking around, all dressed in black, sporting those undoubtedly recognizable band t-shirts: Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, you name it... And immediately, the thoughts that cross some peoples minds right away is that metal is the "devil's music". Unfortunately, this is the vibe that metal does give off. The sad part is, a select FEW metal bands, almost all of which originate in European countries, do like Satanism and share in views related to evil... But ninety-nine per cent of heavy metal bands are in it for the MUSIC and how it sounds, not necessarily to be seen as a negative influence.

Metal, both on its own and as a whole, is perhaps the best music that can offer a feeling of release. All of those bottled up feelings about having a terrible day at work, about having to deal with unreasonable people, about any angst that we encounter... Just take a seat and thrown on your favorite Metallica song, and it all seems to melt away, even if just for a single moment.

The bottom line: the music which seemingly gives itself a bad name because of how it sounds, the music which has existed in the underground scene for nearly it's entire existence, is not a form of worshipping the devil, or about murder and sodomy. Metal is simply... Well, just metal. And it's here to stay loud and definitely proud!