Heart failure in men is common where the heart may fail to pump the blood to the rest parts of the body. It is not something to worry about because heart failure does not mean death.  Heart failure comes with some symptoms listed below.

Symptoms of heart failure
Short breath, breathing problems, fatigue, swelling around the legs, gaining of weight, frequent short calls and sometimes coughing has been diagnosed as the most common symptoms of heart failure. But one should not jump into conclusion that he suffers the disorder because, the symptoms are common to those of other conditions. For you to know whether the disorders you are feeling is heart failure, visit a medical clinic for test. The doctor can perform a chest x -rays which will show up the whole parts of heart and lungs. From this point, he will know what to do.

Treatment of heart failure
If the doctor finds out that you suffer the disease, he will probably recommend you for treatment. There are different types of medicines you can take to reduce the pains and continues with life well. Example of this medicine are many but just mentioning a few, are Beta blockers which help the heart in minimizing the blood pressure and help it fight with workload.

Preventing heart failure
There are things which can be done to prevent this disorder.  They include, avoiding foods which are rich in cholesterol especially the protein family instead, take foods rich in carbohydrates including vegetable and fruits.

Too much alcohol and smoking is another factor that can increase the chances of heart failure. Exercise to loose weight and taking foods with less salt can help you in preventing heart diseases. Doctors say that, too much salt in the food decreases the level of water in the body which can lead to swellings. Remember, swelling has been seen as one cause of these diseases.

Another factor that can help one minimize the chances of contracting this disorder is by talking to your doctor on how to lower your blood pressure levels. Lack of insulin in the body has been found as an added factor to these causes. One should take anything which has less glucose. Too much sugar in the body can affect some parts of the heart like the vessels hence leading to heart failure.

In conclusion, heart disease is categorized into many groups. For you to know the disorder affecting you, consult a medical therapist for diagnosis. Never buy any medicine without knowing what you are suffering from. You may end up treating something else; adding salt to the injury.