Contrary to what most people think, insomnia is not actually a sleeping disorder. Nope, it's actually the result of a sleeping disorder. It shows up in quite a few different variations but basically breaks down to one nasty symptom - trouble sleeping. For some folks fighting insomnia, it's getting to sleep in the first place that is the problem. They toss and turn, trying desperately to get some rest. Other people find getting to sleep quite easy but just can't stay in that state. They typically wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Their thoughts begin to race and before they know it, several hours of passed.

It's the reasons discussed above that make many men and women consider insomnia drugs. The type of sleep aid medication that you end up using will depend on the type of insomnia that you have. Please keep in mind, as you read the rest of this article, that I am not a doctor. Before going on any new medicine, it's very important that you contact a health care professional. Before doing so, you may want to read up on a few different sleep aids online. There are plenty of very informative websites on the net that contain reviews by real insomnia sufferers.

I'd also recommend trying a few other things before resorting to insomnia drugs. In order to figure out how to solve your sleeping problem, it's important to consider the causes of your insomnia. Some of the main causes of mild insomnia are stimulants. If you're the type of person that drinks a lot of coffee or caffeineated drinks, you may have trouble sleeping. Try replacing these things with green tea or some kind of diet cola. Another common cause of transient insomnia is stress. It's tough to sleep if you're mind is constantly filled with worry and anxiety. You may want to change your pre-bedtime routine. Try relaxing with a bit of classical music or an easy going book. Some men and women find that meditation and yoga can also help cure insomnia.

If you are unable to deal with insomnia naturally, you may want to consider medication. There are essentially two different types of drugs for insomnia. The first one is called an OTC allergy medication. These products are available over the counter and go by names like Nytol and Unisom. Use these medications if you suffer from temporary insomnia due to something like jet lag or a rare night shift. They are basically a stronger version of the common allergy medication known as an antihistamine.

If you have serious sleeping problems, you probably want to read a bit more about prescription sleep aid medication. These drugs are meant for people that suffer from chronic insomnia. They can be quite dangerous so you do need to see a doctor in order to get your hands on these pills. Common brand names you'd recognize include Lunesta and Prosom. Both these products are examples of sedative hypnotics.

Insomnia drugs should really only be used as a last resort. Talk to your doctor for more info!