Our crazy sleep cycle.

I remember when I thought I had Insomnia. Trouble falling asleep. Waking up multiple times a night sometimes not sleeping at all. After a lot of research in psychology. I changed a lot of the ways I think about things. Then suddenly I didn't have trouble sleeping anymore. I still wake up a couple of times a night, but its natural. I sleep a lot better now that I don't worry about it.

That is one of the main causes of Insomnia. Worrying about not sleeping. I started thinking that I like sleeping and I wanted to remember as many dreams as I could. I started remembering 3-5 dreams a night. It was kind of my way to determine how much sleep I got. After constant realization every night of remembering these dreams I noticed how much sleep I was getting. I no longer worried or had any issues with sleeping after that.

The interesting thing about Insomnia and waking up multiple times a night is that it's natural. Our society has developed our current sleeping cycle. Get a full night's rest "advised" 8 hours. So then we can wake up the next morning and work all day. This isn't the way we're supposed to do it.

Do you get that 2:30 feeling? That's advertised on 5 hour energy commercials. We get that feeling and the want to nap in the middle of the day, because we're supposed to sleep twice or more a day. The term Insomnia developed in cultures like ours, where we have the office to go to every morning. In cultures where you have people on this sleeping cycle, you see people talking about sleeping. Worrying about it, interested in how much sleep we should get. Marketing for Insomnia, hmmmm.

Humans are naturally polyphasic sleepers. Polyphasic sleeping refers to sleeping multiple times a day. Normally for us it's biphasic so usually only twice. There are cultures where people don't have work like we do. They don't worry about sleep. Nor interested in how much anyone gets. But what they do is when they wake up in the middle of the night. Rather than trying to go back to sleep, they tend fires. Or, do some type of activity until they're tired and go back to sleep.

If you have Insomnia then you "could" be on the right track. Insomniacs could still be more in tune with our natural sleep cycle than a considered normal person. I am no doctor I do not have evidence of this fact.  Nor can I give diagnosis of a bad or good case of Insomnia. However, with my scientific research, I have read up on all this information of biphasic sleeping and Insomnia. If you go to a doctor they'll prescribe you medication "for money" to try to put you on this 8 hour sleep cycle. If you wake up in the middle of the night. Don't lay there trying to fall back asleep. Get up and do some light activities then when you're tired go back to bed.

You can also develop a biphasic sleeping cycle. It'll probably be better if you think you have Insomnia. You will also probably adapt to it quicker than a person who sleeps all night. It can work with morning jobs and can also give you a graveyard job which pays better and have free time in the day. Try some naturally relaxing herbs and plants. Consume products with L-tryptophan. With the biphasic sleeping. You will probably sleep better. Obviously not meant to sleep all night. That, and you won't have to worry about side effects from medication.

Look up biphasic sleeping. I do not have an article on it yet, but soon.