In 2010 alone, 751 construction workers died and about 88,000 workers suffered non-fatal injuries due to construction-related accidents. Many died due to falls and crushing accidents, electrocution and being fatally struck by objects. Others died because of careless activity, which often happens when workers speed up production to meet a deadline.

State Laws

While there are special state laws that protect construction workers from on-the-job injuries and deaths, the dangerous nature of their job doesn’t guarantee them safety. They are at risk every single day. Add to this the worrying issue of decreasing official inspections. Laws and regulations are not strictly enforced to effectively prevent injuries and deaths.

Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction accident lawyers have been urging state authorities to hire more inspectors and enforce safety rules. Meanwhile, workers can avoid on-site accidents by following these general safety tips.

  • Join safety training programs usually run by unions and local organizations.
  • Refuse to work in an unsafe working environment. You have the right to report any unsafe work conditions.
  • Know your OSHA workplace rights, which include the right to receive health and safety training and the right for information on emergency procedures.
  • Observe basic safety measures such as the use of appropriate protective gears and equipment at all times.
  • Make sure you are familiar with and comfortable in using equipment. When using new equipment, make sure you have properly received training or ask your manager for supervision.
  • Avoid stress and injury by using ergonomically-correct tools. When choosing high-powered tools, pick those that need less force and do not strain the hand.
  • Watch out for overhead and buried utilities such as electrical lines, gas, water and sewer.
  • Observe safe lifting techniques. Every piece of heavy equipment comes with safety instructions on how to properly lift it. If it’s too heavy, ask for assistance. If an item is to be carried over a long distance, consider using a vehicle to get it lifted.

Suffering from mental or physical injuries

Workers suffering from construction-related injuries can sue the management for physical and financial damages. Months of absence or even permanent disability put a heavy financial strain on workers and their loved ones. Other third-parties such as property owners, equipment manufacturers and contractors may be legally responsible for the accident. Construction accident lawyers can help speed up workers' claim for financial compensation including past and future lost earnings, physical pain and suffering, medical expenses and other types of damages. 

Pursuing construction injury claims is a tedious process. To get the fair settlement they deserve, victims are encouraged to work with dedicated construction accident layers who have legal knowledge and experience.