Where's Your Exit?


Drive is defined as: "to cause and guide the movement."  Inspirations definition is:  "a divine influence directly and immediately exerted uponthe mind or soul."  In a world today in which everything seems to come easier due to the increases in technology generations seem to be slowly becoming more and more lazy, these words have seemed to lose their meaning.  Often times the notion of hard work is thought to be unnecessary and that everything should just come to you.  We are bombarded every day through media with the success stories of people who live the good good life.  They have the best cars, the best clothes and generally live a lifestyle that we often dream of and envy.  It is mistakenly often assumed that these people happened to be lucky and that things just worked out for them and they became successes over night.  Were The Beatles an overnight sensation?  Absolutely not, they played several thousand shows (some lasting 8 hours) before they moved into the main stream and became one of the greatest bands in history.  Investigating many of the greatest successes in the world you will find the story that you didn't know existed....the one where they had the drive and inspiration to make their dreams come true.



How do I get inspired?  You might ask this extremely tough quesiton.  The first and possibly the most important step in the whole process is finding something that you have a tremendous passion for.  Mark Zuckerberg spent many sleepless nights and even pulled out of school to work on Facebook.  Dana White, UFC president, claims to sleep only 2 hours a night because he has so much he wants to do to grow his company (he is rumored to be pissed off that he has to sleep even that much).  This is the drive that is influenced by their passion.  They care about their product and their dream so much that it is almost impossible for them to get it out of their head and to the point they don't want to sleep at night because they would rather spend time making is better and improving (it seems to have worked out well for the both of them).  These two were not over night successes either.

Back to how do you do it.  If you're a visual person then make your inspiration visual.  Cut out pictures of what you want and what you strive for and post them somewhere that you see them every day so you won't ever forget.  Find a video that really gets you going and watch it before you work everyday.  If you're more internal create a small mission statment.  Carry it with you and bring it out every time you need a little reminder of why you are doing what you're doing.  Commit a couple of your favorite inspirational quotes to memory and fall back at them in times of laziness.  If you need that outside push from someone else, let them in on your project and just ask that they keep you on track and if you're trying to be lazy that they can jump on your back (but you have to promise you won't hold it against them).  Another possible way involves a slight touch of envy and jealousy...it can be healthy in small doses but if that's what it takes to drive you to be better, hey, it might be worth it.  I don't suggest letting the person know you're jealous though, can cause for some awkward moments.



Now it's up to you.  Do you have a passion that creates the drive and inspiration in you to be the best at it that you can be?  It's hard to find your dream job...but it should definitely be something you enjoy and maybe your passion is what you can't wait to get home too and work on or get up that extra hour early in the morning to work on.  It's all up to you but the feeling of putting something together and seeing it evolve and change when no one knows what you're up to is something indescribable.  What drives you?  What creates your inspiration?  Hey, life it short, might as well make it happen while you can.


Never Aim to Low