Brown christmas decorations can be inspired by nature. It can also be very elegant. It's a neutral color that is very popular in decorating. However, it is a little bit unusual for the Christmas season. This ensures that your decorations really compliment and match your regular home decor.

Of course evergreens are a staple in this kind of decor. However, you can just add in the brown very easily with pinecones. In fact, pinecones can be your entire theme. You could glue these around mirrors or picture frames. You can even make a wreath entirely from pinecones. You could use glitter to really decorate the items that can hang as ornaments on the tree.

Brown Christmas Ornaments

Burlap Christmas Decor

This is one of the most popular materials and the color makes it neutral. You may change out your Christmas ornaments a lot but how long have you had your tree skirt? This material can be rustic or elegant if it has lace appliques on it. It's a lighter tone instead of the typical chocolate brown which mostly only works with modern or traditional decor.

Burlap Tree Skirt

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Adding It Onto Your Tree

Pinecones are quite an inexpensive decorative accessory that you can craft yourself or just use in their natural wood tone. This is really going to relate back to any of the wood furniture that you have in the space. Of course then you can really make it special for the holidays with colorful ribbon in a bright lime green. This is a great way to mix the traditional and the country kinds of aesthetics. Just depending on the lines and the simplicity of the pieces this can also be quite contemporary.

You probably don't want to go with a brown Christmas tree just because this can remind you of a tree that has seen better days. Instead go with a lush green tree. You can bring in a lot of beautiful gold and brown ornaments. Gold and brown go together so well because they are both warm kind of tones. Gold is traditional for Christmas so it's going to add a little bit more of a classic air. Usually in decorating brown has a tendency to blend into the background. Bringing in a metallic color is so important because it just gives you that really over the top elegance which is so evocative of the holidays.

Chocolate Brown Stocking

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Modern Christmas Decor

Since this is a modern color consider going with more modern kind of decor. You can really branch out from the traditional kinds of holiday items. Instead, you could bring in oversized artwork for your brown Christmas decor. Look for very graphic elements such as trees with simplistic triangle and rectangle designs. Then the bold color palette is really going to fit right in with this.

Your other option is just to change up items that are typically one color. For instance gingerbread can be the brown tone but since it is such a traditional kind of silhouette really mostly the candy and the frosting designs get noticed. Instead, you could change it up so that it is more of a chocolate kind of color. This is likely to be extremely dramatic and the focus is going to be on the gingerbread. You might even want to consider using chocolate candies provided that they aren't going to melt and they'll still be in good shape. Of course with any gingerbread house you may attract ants. Just going with a chocolate version is really going to make it seem a lot more sophisticated. This is a great way to take your kind of childhood traditions and turn them into something that looks extremely chic just by changing the color palette.