When making a marketing plan in any size company, then it is important that it is based upon the long term marketing strategy. It is also important that those marketing tools that are chosen match the products and the marketplace of the company. Maybe the best marketing tool is broad newspaper advertising, or maybe the best marketing idea is direct marketing.
However, it is important to revise the marketing strategies and business plans on a regular basis. And it might even be a good idea frequently to have a 'marketing brainstorm' in order to generate fresh creative business ideas. It might be that the new marketing plan should be based upon direct marketing, or maybe something completely new.

Some of the things which are popular right now might be viewed as outdated in a couple months. We are living in an age where it is easy to get immediate information, so people often lose interest with issues that are not new. For this reason direct marketing services has an ever-changing marketplace. Direct marketing ideas have to be kept up-to-date and fresh just like the message being conveyed to people.
Most businesses maintain well tried and tested advertising methods. The different types of direct marketing advertising techniques have been shown to achieve success in the end. At times though, making an attempt to do something unconventional in order to get the public's interest gets the populace grapevine humming even louder than it might seem possible.

If you want to get consumers attention, use other elements than words to advertise your business. You can find a professional marketing consultant company out there to create innovative techniques to move your business to higher heights. Or if you want to try out some more unusual marketing tools, then get contact with an Event Maker.

Sponsor a charity raffle to receive profit, by offering some of your services or products as the reward. Most people love to feel good when it comes to helping other people, but they need an opportunity to get something for themselves. This raffle will cover all of this at once. Send invitation to a journalist in your area and get this person to draw the winning ticket, providing your business and raffle event with free media exposure.

Are you aware of the fact that your top 5 customers have valuable information about business opportunities to share with you? Try to plan a special dinner for one of your customers once per year to commemorate their commitment to you personally and to your company. In case it 'isn't possible to personally take them to dinner, then at least stop by the venue to present special basket with local novelties. You can ask these customers to help you identify other potential customers who may want to become customers; and the dialogue with your key customers will most likely give you inspiration to new marketing tools and methods.

Don't forget, that it will cost you 6 to 10 times more cash to locate and direct marketing to new customers than to offer something once more to a current customer.

It is a well know fact that social networking is as popular as ever, private people all over the world join social networks, such as FaceBook and Twitter. But social networking can be used to more than finding and communicating with friends. Networking is also a good marketing tool. So try to form and maintain networks and affiliations with others. Exchange and offer complimentary direct marketing services or products. Blend your marketing campaigns with package deals from your affiliates. For instance, events at a local eating place, combined with a sightseeing tour in a limousine service, a week-end at a hotel, and a one day treatment at a luxury spa or gym.

Look at some of the packages that your directing marketing company could engage in and become creative. It is possible that you company envelopes contain plenty of vacant space. Have you thought about turning this vacant space to create a billboard? You could design this billboard with one line teaser descriptions of your company or even highlight special offers and put this on the outer section of the envelope below the return address.

Offer scholarships to college students. You don't have to award an exorbitant sum, as every small amount can help a student who is struggling. As an example, a couple of hundred dollars could help to pay for book expenses in one semester. This can be done even two times each year to give your company more recognition. To get more direct marketing exposure, qualify scholarships by offering to students in a certain field who might be attending any community college in their area. The advertising effect of this could be immense, but it will even make your company known as a future friendly and innovative employer.

Regardless of what kind of marketing ideas you put to use, then from time to time try to find some different marketing solutions. You might be very surprised to see the beneficial results of the creative and maybe even unusual marketing tools!