I would like to take you on a short journey and explore some of the best inspirational quotes from athletes. In this article, I will stick to Muhammad Ali. You will find that many of these motivational sayings can be applied to life and not just the word athletics. It seems that some of the best sayings can be used in virtually any situation of life. Inspirational sports quotes from athletes are really no exception to this rule. Let's take a look at some of the ones that have really caught my attention over the years. I think you will enjoy many of them.

Here are some of my favorite inspirational sports quotes from the athlete Muhammad Ali:

"I am the greatest. I said that before I even knew I was."



This is one of the best inspirational quotes for athletes, by perhaps the most significant one of the last decade. Muhammad Ali believed he was the best in the world at what he did before he ever proved it. He motivated himself and had a real hunger to succeed. It's hard to argue that this was not successful for him, since Muhammad Ali went on to become the greatest boxer of all time. In fact, in most circles he still has that title, "the greatest." Inspirational sports quotes from athletes are easy to find when check out some of the great sayings Muhammad Ali provided us with.

"If you dream of beating me you better wake up and apologize."



I just love this inspirational quote from the greatest athlete of all time. This one is perhaps a bit more on the funny side, but it really can be broken down a little. Essentially, Muhammad Ali was saying nobody could beat him, no matter how hard they tried. You could dream about it if you wanted to, but even to dream it would foolish. He believed he was the very best in the world, and I tend to think he was right. How can you argue with inspirational quotes from athletes like Muhammad Ali? He'd knock your head off if you did.

"It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up."



It really was that simple, which is why this Muhammad Ali quote is so darn catchy and inspirational for athletes. The grass is going to grow, it's unavoidable. No matter how much you try to stop it, the birds are going to fly around. No matter what you do, if you step in the ring with me, I'm going to whip you. It was so matter of fact that it really couldn't be disputed. He was the best. Nobody could do anything to stop him. This is among the best inspirational quotes from athletes you will ever find. It can be a motivational saying for you too, if you just believe in yourself like Muhammad Ali did.

"I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark."



He was so darn fast in the boxing ring. Nobody could catch him. That makes this more than just another funny inspirational sports quote for athletes. It makes this Muhammad Ali saying speak volumes. Could you catch him in the ring? No way. While it may be funny, it was really just Muhammad Ali's way of saying that he was too fast for the other boxers. They weren't going to catch him. Even inspirational quotes for athletes would give you the speed to catch the man in the ring.

"I wish people would love everybody else the same way they love me. It would be a better world."



He was a true icon. He still is to this day. Inspirational quotes by Muhammad Ali like this one can inspire not only athletes, but everyone in the world. Do you spending more of your time loving or hating? If you love to hate, you could learn a thing or two from the inspirational quotes from athletes like Muhammad Ali. Why waste your time hating others when you can focus on the things you really love.

"Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer."



This one is really quite true. It's not just another funny inspirational quote from an athlete, it's really the truth. When you don't know how to answer the question, or what to say, perhaps it's best just to keep your mouth shut. Few inspirational quotes from athletes can compare to the sayings Muhammad Ali came up with. Muhammad Ali knew this and practiced it. It's not so much motivational as it is good common sense. Give it a try the next time you find yourself making stuff up. I really love inspirational quotes from athletes like Muhammad Ali. They can really apply beyond the sports world and move into the real world so they don't just apply to athletes.

"Superman don't need no seatbelt."



This inspirational quote for athletes came from Muhammad Ali. He really was the best and he knew it. He could take some chances in the boxing ring when others couldn't. He was so superior to most of the other boxers that he didn't need to use caution. He could just do whatever came to his mind. Motivational sayings like this one may not apply to all athletes. It's really not so inspirational if you don't have the skills to get away with it. Muhammad Ali quotes were so great!

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. If you haven't learned the meaning of friendship , you really haven't learned anything."



This is one of my favorite Muhammad Ali quotes. It's not just inspirational for athletes. It really transcends sports. How much time have you spent making friends? Friends are a very important part of life. There are many motivational sayings about friendship, but few really drive home the point like this one does from Muhammad Ali. Inspirational quotes by athletes like him aren't always about sporting events or competition. Many truly are about the life we live. How is yours going?




I hope you enjoyed the inspirational sports quotes from the greatest athlete of all, Muhammad Ali. He was the greatest and he proved it over and over again. Here are some other sayings you can check out.

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