Inspirational songs and motivational songs are often the need of the hour when one is down and depressed. Here are some of the most inspirational songs to help uplift your mood and motivate you.

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How many times have you noticed, that when in a sad or depressing frame of mind, something as simple as a peppy, energetic song (with powerful, motivational lyrics) instantly helps uplift your mood? Well, for those of you who aren't familiar with the phenomenon, believe me, it is very much true! The power of inspirational songs has to be experienced, to be believed.

Inspirational songs...motivational songs...uplifting can call them what you want. What you call them doesn't matter. What matters, is the effective and important role that they play in improving a person's frame of mind, re-strengthening his/her self-belief, self-confidence, and giving him/her a much needed and timely boost of positivity and energy. Music has this amazing power to heal. It is very difficult to explain, yet is very easy to experience and therefore, believe. Just as easily as it sets about healing a broken heart, music can, with an equal amount of ease and efficacy, help empower a disheartened person with renewed confidence to march towards his/her goal. So if you (or anyone of your friends or family) is in need of some motivation and inspiration, here are some of the best motivational songs that could be of help.

Most Inspirational Songs

I Believe I Can Fly ~ R Kelly

Beautiful Day ~ U2 (One of my personal favourites..)

Chariots of Fire ~ Vangelis

What a Wonderful World ~ Louis Armstrong (One of the best inspirational songs about life)

I've Got the Power ~ Snap

Hope ~ Shaggy (Another fun song to cheer you up)

Win ~ Brian McKnight

Never Surrender ~ Corey Hart (Quite an apt title for a motivational song, don't you think?)

Today ~ Smashing Pumpkins

I Can See Clearly Now ~ Johnny Nash

Eye of the Tiger ~ Survivor (A hugely popular and upbeat inspirational song)

Bad Day ~ Daniel Powter

Affirmation ~ Savage Garden

Walking on Sunshine ~ Katrina and the Waves

Let It Be ~ The Beatles

Inspirational Songs for Women

Ladies, in addition to what we have seen earlier, here are some of the best inspirational songs for the fairer sex:

I Will Survive ~ Gloria Gaynor (The anthem of all inspirational songs when it comes to the ladies!)

Hero ~ Mariah Carey (Another very popular song)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Judy Garland (A truly wonderful song, this one)

That's the Way It is ~ Celine Dion

A New Day Has Come ~ Celine Dion

I'm Alive ~ Celine Dion

I Have a Dream ~ ABBA (Another of my personal favorites)

When You Believe ~ Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey

Stronger ~ Britney Spears

Fighter ~ Christina Aguilera

Inspirational Rock Songs

For all you rockers out there, here are some top inspirational songs from the rock music genre.

It's My Life ~ Bon Jovi

We Are the Champions ~ Queen

Born to Run ~ Bruce Springsteen

Higher ~ Creed (This one gives me goose bumps EVERY single time I listen to it)

Paradise City ~ Guns 'n Roses

We Will Rock You ~ Queen

Livin' on a Prayer ~ Bon Jovi

Dream On ~ Aerosmith

Well, unfortunately, I gotta run now (really famished!), so will have to end this short list of inspirational songs here itself. Hope this helped! Remember...Dream it, dare it, and do it!