Twenty years ago, sitting in the auditorium of the University of Illinois, as I waited for the principal to call my name so that I could get my diploma, I reflected upon the time when the little boy, fresh out of high school, first entered this school. The profound population of the school and it's diversity amazed me from the start.People from every race, culture, and ethnicity could be found here. All of them floating in a sea of orange sweaters and t-shirts. They all knew what it had taken to get here and what the rewards were of working on their studies and not on something else that would keep them from their goal. This, I would need to learn on my own during my years of college as I was not very well acquainted with this skill. Reflecting, I knew I had worked hard to get to where my parents were able to send me. My goal was to major in information technology. Technology was always a great interest to me and I knew I would be happy working with it after college. I needed to commit myself to studying more instead of being distracted or procrastinating when I knew there was work that needed to be completed. I wanted to be successful in my life and I felt that this was the only way I would be able to make myself and my parents pound of who I was. I knew, when I entered college, that I would need to step up my game and try to make an effort in my schooling. I know now that I had completed my goals and that I would be able to succeed. I could have made the choice to take a path that would leave me as a failure in life but I kept myself on a path towards my goal. If I strayed from that path, it would be twice as hard to get back on, but the rewards would be even greater. I knew the hard work would pay off. Finally, at the graduation, the principal called my name, walking up the stairs, I knew that I had made it. Shaking the hands of my instructors, I knew all my hard work had paid off. Receiving the documents I had desperately worked for, I knew the time and work I had put into school was being now being redeemed at this moment. I knew, from that moment on, that hard work in any field, whether it be a hard class or a difficult job, could be used to solve any problem.