Inspirational quotes for a broken heart: Get Over Yourself?

After a breakup, I have been known to search the internet for inspirational quotes to help for a broken heart.  I search and search and end up becoming more and more depressed after reading all of these quotes. They often make me think that I have lost a great person and finding a new love is going to be difficult. After a while, I say “Get over yourself” and then start listening to love songs. In the long run, neither seems to be very helpful for dealing with a break up.

The way I always make myself feel better is to surround myself with positive people.  I try to be as active as possible.  Whether I am running to the grocery store, the mall, to a friend’s house or going to the gym.  After I start feeling better, I may start reading inspirational quotes. By the time I think that its ok to do so, I often start feeling sad all over again.  “Get over yourself”, I say again to myself.  I have been doing so well and feeling good.  These quotes are not always so inspirational, in fact they can leave you feel downright sad.  So, leave them alone and read some celebrity gossip instead.  That always makes me feel better about my life.

Inspirational quotes for doctors: What About Free Consultancy?

Lately, I have been going to multiple doctors about once a week due to an illness that I was recently diagnosed with.  A couple of the doctor’s I have seen definitely lack a good bedside manner. They often act like I am a hassle to them and try to rush me out of the room. They charge me an ungodly amount of money and leave me feeling uncomfortable and angry.  It would be nice if they offered a free consult because if they had, I think I would have chosen different doctors.  Since these doctors are unfriendly, I began a search for inspirational quotes for doctors in hopes that I could pass these on to them and maybe these quotes would help them remember what being a doctor really means.

These inspirational quotes for doctors contain words of wisdom in my opinion.  They talk about treating patients with respect, the physician’s creed and many positive things that a lot of doctors don’t recognize anymore. I thought that when becoming a doctor, the top priority was the patient.  That doesn’t seem to be the case, at least with my doctors.  It is all about the money and seeing as many patients as you can every day.

Inspirational quotes for single mothers: Don't Have Children?


In my high school back in 1994, about a quarter of the girls in the school were pregnant and having kids.  They were babies having babies.  Back then, it was considered normal for these girls to have children.  I never understood how so many of these girls were dumb enough to get pregnant. We received plenty of sex education and were instructed on birth control options. The best option was abstinence.  We were just 16 years old, this was too young to have children. Yet, they were having kids.  The school ended up having special classes for these girls providing them with daily inspirational quotes for single mothers.  They may have had a boyfriend at the time, but they often felt as if they didn’t have children.

The fathers were rarely involved in the pregnancy and most were not involved in the children’s lives after they were born.  The “single mom” classes seemed to help these girls deal with the fact that they were going to be raising their children all alone.  I can remember talking to a few of them and they mentioned the daily inspirational quotes for single mothers.  These quotes actually helped to make them feel stronger and more confident in themselves.


Inspirational quotes for high school graduates: Go Get a Job?

When I graduated high school I was bombarded with a lot of greeting cards, pens and money.  I remember receiving a letter from my principal which contained fifty inspirational quotes for high school graduates. After reading that letter I thought that I was going to rule the world.  I was ready to enjoy my summer and then in the fall, I was going to go get a job. Things didn’t work out as I had planned.

After graduating, my parents pushed me to go get a job as soon as possible.  There was no summer break for me. I worked my first summer at a beachfront restaurant as a waitress.  I worked nights, weekends and holidays. I worked for tips only and felt that I was doing a great job.  I was making good money and had cash in my pocket every night.  I was determined that by the end of the summer, I was going to become the manager. This didn’t happen for me.  After the summer, they closed the restaurant, but I was invited to come back the following summer to continue waitressing.  This was not in the letter of inspirational quotes that my principal sent me. I was supposed to rule the world.  I decided that summer that in order to succeed I would have to go to college and work twice as hard.  I was still going to rule the world, it would just be a little later than I anticipated.

Inspirational Quotes Loss Loved One: Is it Good to Cry?


Losing a loved one can prove to be difficult for everyone.  Death is never something that anyone is prepared for.  Even if someone has a terminal illness, as much as we think that we are ready to lose that person, we never are.  Once the person has passed, we often feel that we can’t show emotions, but it’s good to cry.  Let it out and help free your pent up emotions. We look for other ways to share our feelings.  You may want to look up inspirational quotes on the loss of a loved one.

Reading these quotes can often make you feel better.  Most of the inspirational quotes on the loss of loved ones are positive.  They say that your loved one is in a better place, that we will see them again, and they are always with us in mind and spirit.  While this is positive, you will still be sad and miss your loved one.  It is still good to cry.  It is natural to miss the ones that have passed over.  You will miss them forever, but they are always living on in our hearts. So read your quotes and cherish the memories that you have.