Amazing Photos at the Click of a Button

iPhone Apps

Instagram is an amazing photography app available for iPhone. 

It is a fantastic, fun and FREE!

Once downloaded from the iTunes store, you can create a username and profile and if you have more patience than I did and haven't already started taking photographs, you can add and invite friends from social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

There's the ability to restrict your photos to a private feed through the Profile button, so once uploaded only people you have accepted as your friends will be available to view them. Still maintaining a public profile allow you to be a true member of the Instagram community, seeing beautiful and amazing photgraphs from millions of people around the world. 

The first function you should use on the app is the Share button. This is where the magic happens! 

The Share button activates your camera, providing you with the same full access as you have from the iPhone's camera. With the ability to turn the flash ON, OFF or to AUTO. You can change the view 180 degrees and also tap the screen to improve the focus to a set area of what's being captured on the lens. Unfortunately, there is no zoom function available through the app nor once a photo is taken.

To take a shot, simply tap the bottom-centre image of the Camera. This will snap your beautiful image! Don't like the one you took? Simply hit the red cross and take another, or tap the green tick to continue. 

Here comes the fun bit! Tap the small eye/lens button to the right of the camera image. You're now presented with a range of the following film styles to apply to your photo: 

- Normal

- Amaro

- Rise

- Hudson

- X-Pro II

- Lomo-fi

- Earlybird

- Sutro

- Toaster

- Brannan 

- Inkwell 

- Walden

- Hefe 

- Valencia 

- Nashville

- 1977

and Kelvin

Now, an image can speak a thousand words, so each symbol that represents the above film styles shows an example of how it will make your image look and what it will do to the colour palette, however, once your photo is taken you can skip through each option until you find the one that suits your image best. 

If you need to temporarily remove the film options, simply tap the eye/lens image at the bottom right and it will enable you ti use the full view of you iPhone screen. 

Once you've selected how you wish the film to look, you can tap the drip/drop function at the top of the app to choose a horizontal or circular blur affect to apply to your image. Don't like this function, once applied, simply retouch the drip/drop button and then hit the cross. The blur effect can be increased or reduced to the size of the image by using your thumb and pointer finger to guide the two gauges once you touch the screen. 

If you'd like to further enhance the image you can tap the top left border button which will, yes you guessed it! Add a border to your photo. 

Let's assume that you've finished playing and are ready to share your image to your profile (after all, this is going to get addictive and you will need to clear some space for the hundreds of photos you're going to take). Tap the green tick - you can now add a personalised caption to the image to describe your photo, as well as adding the Geotag function

Furthermore, the social platforms kick in with the ability to post your image to your Facebook Timeline or share on Twitter. Select "more" to view an array of other platforms to post your image to, including the ability to email the photo.

When you've finished personalising your image, tap the done button up the top and the photo will be posted to your Instagram news feed.

Retracing your steps, touching on some quick further options available. If you have touched the share button and your camera is streaming, however no longer wish to take a photo, simply tap the white cross at the top right of the screen and this will take you back to the news feed stream

There's also the ability to access, edit and post any existing images from your iPhones photo albums by touching the bottom left image button whilst in the Share function of the app.

If you've started viewing other users photos, you'll notice that you have a little heart (like) button undeneath the posted image which will tell the owner of the photo that you've liked that photo, otherwise you can also leave your friend or the user a comment on their image. 

Once you've posted a few snap shots of your own and become more comfortable with the app, start to take advantage of the Popular tab, where you can view some of the world's most enjoyed and shared photographs. You also have the News tab, this will provide an insight into what the people who are Following you have said about your images, as well as other peoples photos. Or you can filter the news feed to just your own photos and which users have been viewing and liking your posts. 

Lastly, if you happen to be a stickler for rules and terms of use, click the Profile button at the bottom right of the main screen, then select the About button at the top right, this will give you all the nitty gritty details about using this amazing app!

Instagram makes everyone a professional photographer and truly shows that everyone has the ability to capture the beauty of their lives and their surroundings. 

If you'de like to leave further information or comments about this article or your experience with Instagram please feel free to do so, also enjoy some of my personal images shared from Instagram. 




Instagram Photo by Alex Conlon

Fire Post - Adelaide ParklandsCredit: Alex ConlonCredit: Alex Conlon

Instagram Photo by Alex Conlon

Edgar Allen Poe-umpkinCredit: Alex ConlonCredit: Alex Conlon

Instagram Photo by Alex Conlon

Adelaide Convention Centre(81539)Credit: Alex ConlonCredit: Alex Conlon