Thanks to Brian Kent of, a brilliant font designer who is committed to the open source software movement, we now have 465+ more free fonts to be downloaded and used for free within a few minutes. This is how:

In order to proceed to the installation, you will need to add a new software source. So, you will have to have administrator privileges on the computer to be used. What is a software source? Also called a software repository, a source is a database of available programs available for download and immediate use. A repository allows Ubuntu to download, install, and run (or remove) software without any fancy configuration or coding. This makes Ubuntu ideal for those of us who don't like to download and compile programs from source.

Step 1:

Add the new software repository by clicking System ->Administration ->Software Sources.

Step 2: Click the Third-Party Software tab.
Step 3: Click the Add button.
Step 4: In the dialog that appears, type the following: deb hardy main
Step 5: Click the Add Sources button and then the Close button.
Step 6: When asked, reload the software package lists.

Step 7: Open the Synaptic Package Manager in System - Administration
Step 8: Use the search function to find ttf-aenigma.
Step 9: Check the box next to ttf-aenigma.
Step 10: Click the Apply button at the top of the window. The fonts will now be downloaded and installed to your computer. When they have been installed, all of the fonts will be immediately available for use in all of your applications.