Protect Your Family and Home with Dusk to Dawn Lights

How do dusk to dawn lights add to your home's security? Picture this scene: it's after dark outside, but it's still early in the evening. There are two houses next door to each other; the house on the right has a light on inside, but the house on the left does not. Wouldn't you assume that someone was home in the house on the right, the one with the light on inside? So, since there is no light on in the house on the left, wouldn't you assume no one was there?

Now, let's just suppose that someone is watching these two houses with a plan to break and enter. Which one would he choose: the house on the right with a light on inside or the one on the left that is dark inside? You guessed correctly; the house on the left, with no light on inside, would be his choice.

The owner of the house on the right is smart. They installed adapter sockets to make certain lamp(s) dusk to dawn lights; these lamps then come on when it starts to get dark. At bedtime, simply turn the lamp(s) off as usual, and turn the lamp(s) on again in the morning, so the dusk to dawn lights will do their job when you are not at home.

We have installed adapter sockets in two lamps, making them dusk to dawn lights. One is located downstairs, and the other is located upstairs, providing lighting whether we are there or not. This lighting not only helps to protect us from bad people, who might want to invade our home, but they also help us to move around inside our home safely at night because they light our way. We also have a plug in night light in each bathroom; they are designed to function as dusk to dawn lights, too.

Dusk to dawn lights should play an important part in your residential outdoor lighting as well. Consider installing one of the adapter sockets (select one designed for outdoor use) in the pole light in your yard. What a welcoming sight, driving up to your home, and your pole light (converted to dusk to dawn lights by the adapter) is on to light your way to your door. We have one of these installed in our pole light, and we like being able to see our walkway and driveway in case we hear a noise outside.

In addition to the adapters discussed above, they make outdoor fixtures designed as dusk to dawn lights, and they come in various styles. One style is the large single light security fixture that was typically placed on a utility pole, and it was installed and maintained by the power company. However, you can now purchase these dusk to dawn lights, and have your electrician do the installation.

Another style of dusk to dawn lights is the twin headed floodlight. These are great when used on the back of the house or by the garage. They offer lots of light; they will come on when it is nearing dark, and turn themselves off when the sun comes up.

If you want to upgrade some of your outdoor light fixtures, you will want to consider replacing them with dusk to dawn lights. When you start shopping, you will find there are many dusk to dawn lights that come in designer styles, and they will complement the design of your home.

Install foundation dusk to dawn lights to make your house glow at night as well as to add protection. Place these great little green halogen stick fixtures in with your foundation plants, and the fixtures will not be visible. They not only make your house look good at night, but they also add another layer of protection for your family and your home.

You can also find power boxes that are on stakes that you can use to plug in your holiday decorations or your landscape lighting. Many of these have a setting that allows them to act like dusk to dawn lights. Using these will save you from manually having to plug and unplug your holiday and landscape lighting.

In Closing

Go online or to your local home improvement store to do some shopping, and you will find many useful dusk to dawn lights. Dusk to dawn lights will help you protect your property, guide you safely through the night, and save you from having to turn on or off and/or plug or unplug a light. You gotta love dusk to dawn lights since they will make your life easier!

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