Add These Motion Detector Lights to Your Home


Motion detector lights are available for use inside your home. So why take a chance of falling because the light switch is inconvenient to use. Or, what about the times you have walked through a room and did not turn on a light at all because you were just passing through. Suppose you had tripped on something, and you had fallen? Why take these chances when motion detector lights would automatically come on and go off, thereby lighting your way.


Coming home at night, and entering a dark house, is not a good idea. Instead, imagine opening your door and the light automatically comes on. The sensor on your light detected movement and turned the light on automatically. After locking your front door, and leaving that part of your house, the light will automatically turn off. And if you have planned carefully, as you progress through your house, other motion detector lights will come on and go off, lighting your way through the once dark house.


Many types of motion detector lights are available for use inside your home. And since they only come on when they are needed, you will be saving on electricity. The following is a list of some lighting options that you might want to consider adding inside your home. Best of all, only one of these requires an electrician for installation.


Motion Detector Lights - Light Socket Adapter

This socket adapter is so simple to install – just screw it into a light socket fixture, screw in a bulb, and it works. These are great to use in closets, an attic, or anywhere else where you have a single light socket fixture. The downside of these motion detector lights is the bare bulb; this particular socket cannot be used in any type of decorative fixture. We have this type of ceiling fixture in our garage, and we appreciate the light when we drive in and while we are unloading the car. They are especially helpful when we haul garbage and recycle to the garage. Turning on a light, when your hands are full, is difficult at best. Since the ceiling in the garage is high, we used the adapter that will work with a fluorescent bulb, and hopefully we will not have to change the bulb out for a long while.


Motion Detector Lights - Wall Switch

If you have a licensed electrician you can call to install these wall switches then this is the best way to go. Once these switches are installed, the light fixtures that are controlled by these switches act as motion detector lights. What could be better? Walk into a room and the light will come on, and it will stay on until you leave the room. There is also a switch on the wall plate that will allow you to operate the light in a normal on and off manner.

Motion Detector Lights - Step Light

These easy to install fixtures will light your steps when they sense movement. No need to call an electrician to install these, since these motion detector lights operate off batteries. Just screw the fixture into place, add batteries, and you have just added a safety feature to your steps. What could be easier?


Motion Detector Lights - Lamp Plug In Sensor

Plug one of these sensors into a wall electrical outlet. Then, plug a lamp into the sensor. Your lamp(s) will function like motion detector lights. These are great, and they can be easily moved from one room to another. Think of these sensors when gift times roll around, especially if you need gifts for parents, grandparents, or someone who loves the latest gadget. This gift won’t be put in a closet for later use, but it will be plugged in and used immediately.


Motion Detector Lights – Night Light

You can purchase a night light that will come on when movement is sensed; they are a real convenience and a great safety factor. Getting up in the middle of the night can be dangerous if you cannot see where you are going. However, these motion detector lights will come on when they sense movement, and they will stay on as long as movement is sensed.


In Closing


The motion detector lights listed above can be found online or in your local home improvement stores. While shopping for these fixtures for inside your home, look for some motion detector lights for outside of your home, for added security. Motion detector lights can make your life easier, and you will be glad you have added another safety feature to your home.

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