Protect Your Family and Home With Outdoor Motion Lights

Protect your family and home by purchasing and installing outdoor motion lights. These energy efficient outdoor motion lights do not burn all the time. Instead, they only come on when the sensor detects movement. As long as the sensor detects movement, the light will remain on. However, when movement is no longer detected, the light will stay on for the number of minutes you set when you installed the light. My outdoor motion lights can be set for 1 minute, 5 minutes, or up to 20 minutes. Also, the fixture has a photocell that keeps the light from coming on during daylight hours.

During installation of the outdoor motion lights, the sensor can be directed so as not to pick up movement low to the ground, such as a dog or a cat. And, at the same time, you should focus the sensor in the direction where someone would be able to enter your home.

One of the major ways to deter crime is by having your home well lit. Imagine a 'bad someone' approaching your home, and the outdoor motion lights come on. Wouldn't that be a good reason for him to turn around and leave? On the other hand, the outdoor motion lights act as a welcoming beacon for you, your family, and/or friend(s) when approaching your home after dark.

Outdoor motion lights come in many styles, which have been crafted to complement many architectural designs. Many have been made to replace old fixtures that are not outdoor motion lights. Spend some time online, and look at the many options available before making your decision. The following are a few you might want to consider:

Outdoor Motion Lights – A Floodlight Style Security Light

We are all familiar with the utilitarian style of outdoor motion lights, which have been around for years, This is the traditional floodlight style, holding two or three floodlights. This style of light is very popular near the garage, or it's often used on the back or sides of the house. They do a fantastic job of warning us when there is movement in the area. They are great, unless you live in a rural area, and deer are frequent visitors. Then, the constant on and off of the outdoor motion lights are typically taken for granted. While we may take them for granted, hopefully, a trespasser will not, and he will move on to another spot that's not so well lit.

Outdoor Motion Lights – Decorative Fixtures

When you need to replace the decorative fixtures on the side(s) of your entrance door, consider installing outdoor motion lights. These fixtures now come in many styles including, mission, contemporary, carriage styles, etc., and you can easily find a style to complement your home.

Outdoor Motion Lights – Porch Light Fixtures

Do you have a ceiling light on your porch? Or, perhaps you have a ceiling light on your stoop. If you do, you can now buy outdoor motion lights to replace those ceiling fixtures. They usually have a 30-foot detection range. So, when someone nears your porch, or stoop, this light will come on to welcome them, or to send them scampering into the night.

Outdoor Motion Lights – A Pole Light Sensor

Purchase and install a converter for your yard pole light to change it to function like your other outdoor motion lights.

Outdoor Motion Lights – Adapter

You can now purchase adapters to screw into an exterior socket that will convert them to outdoor motion lights. Check these out; they are a great do-it-yourself project, and you don't have to be an electrician to install them.

Outdoor Motion Lights – Battery Operated

If you want extra exterior light, but do not want to pay an electrician, and a solar light won't work for you, then consider battery operated outdoor motion lights. Or, you might be living in rental property, and want the extra security, but cannot do any type of installation without causing a problem with the property owner. Your best option then, too, would be to purchase and install a battery operated light.

Outdoor Motion Lights - Solar Powered

There are many outdoor motion lights on the market that are powered by the sun. The fixtures are easy to install, and you do not have to pay an electrician's bill. Just be sure you have a good place to install the solar powered fixture so it will work properly. I tried one of these solar fixtures, but it would not work for me, here in Virginia, in the winter. I have heard, that in the Southwest, they are very effective.

In Closing

Whatever outdoor motion lights you decide upon, be sure to call in a licensed electrician to do your installation. Electricity is dangerous if you do not know how to work with it. Not only is it dangerous to you, it can be dangerous to your whole house as well. Recently, several families in my area have lost their homes, and everything inside them, because of electrical problems caused by faulty wiring.

Before hiring an electrician, talk to him about the fee he will charge, and what is included in the fee. My electrician charges $90 (last year's price) to come to my house, and for one hour, he will work to fix or install whatever I need to have done. With this in mind, whenever I need him to come to the house, I make sure I have one hour of work for him to do. One fill in job is installing dimmer switches on my wall switches, so I will have some of those handy in case he finishes the main job, and he has time left. If I run out of jobs, and he still has time on the clock, I have him replace light bulbs in those hard to reach and difficult light fixtures.

When shopping for your outdoor motion lights, be sure to look for the Energy Star label on the fixture(s) you are considering. After all, you want to get the most efficient lighting you can. Now that you have updated your exterior lighting, by installing outdoor motion lights, maybe you should consider installing some inside your home, as well.

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