If you plan to have a Wordpress blog on your own domain, here's how you do it… in words of one or two syllables and in a step by step format.

Find a web host, check your web host has a one click script installation program that includes Wordpress installation by asking their Sales, before you pay. If your chosen host has no script installation program, or does not include Wordpress, move on and find one that has. At the end of this article are a few recommended web hosting services that do include a one step, very easy install Wordpress button.

Buy your domain name from your web host, you don't have to do this, it just makes things a lot more simple if you do. Choose a domain name that is related to your blogging subject. Keep it short, avoid – and _ symbols and go for a .com name. The symbols are easily forgotten and confused in people's minds. A .com domain name is low cost and has the highest credibility rating amongst Internet users.

Your web host will have sent you an email with a link to your domain's log-in page. Run your mouse over the password you have been given and press [Ctrl] C, while holding the mouse button down. Write your user name down on a piece of paper. Click the link, enter your user name and click in the password box. Press [Ctrl] V. This pastes your copied password into the box.

The exact mechanism for installing Wordpress differs from host to host. This is the step by step procedure for Blue Host, see below for link.

Step 1 – Log in as above. This brings you to the Control Panel screen

Step 2 – Scroll all the way down the page

Step 3 – Double Click on the Wordpress icon

Step 4 – Scroll down the SimpeScripts page you have been sent to

Step 5 – Click the Install button

Step 6 – Check the Legal Agreement box

Step 7 – Click the Complete button

Step 8 – Copy the Password on the screen

Step 9 - Compare the two passwords to check they are the same

Step 10 – Type your domain name in the address bar

Step 11 – Nothing, that's it. You have finished and installed Wordpress

This is about the most simple process you will find anywhere to install Wordpress. If you choose a different host look for icons labelled Fantastico or Installatron and follow the instructions you will find there. If your host is using a different script to install Wordpress then just contact their Support, they will be pleased to help.

You will have an email giving you your log in details for your Wordpress blog.

You have completed the install of Wordpress, now you need to install a new Wordpress theme of your choice. Before you start the next section where you will choose and install a new Wordpress theme, you need to put a lot of thought into how you want your Wordpress blog to appear.

Decisions you need to think about:

  • Color?

  • Number of colomns?

  • Magazine style?

  • Subject specific theme?

  • Flexible or fixed width

There are literally thousands of Wordpress theme designs just on the wordpress.org website. You need to have at least an outline idea of what you are looking for in your perfect Wordpress theme before you start browsing.

Step 1 – Scroll down until you see Meta, Log In, on the right hand side of the page.

Step 2 – Click Log In

Step 3 – Scroll down the Dashboard page until you find Appearance

Step 4 – Click Appearance

Step 5 – Click the Install Themes Tab

Step 6 – Click the appropriate radio buttons

Step 7 – Click the Find Theme button

Step 8 – Choose a theme, if you don't like the ones shown, try the next page of themes or go back to step 5

Step 9 – Click the Install link below the snapshot of your chosen theme

Step 10 – Click Install Now on the pop-up window

Step 11 – You are now back at your Dashboard, Click Activate

Step 12 – Click the My Blog link next to the Wordpress icon at the top left of the page to see what your blog is going to look like.

Step 13 – If you don't like it, go back to Scroll Down

Step 14 – Click Dashboard

Step 15 – Go back to Step 4

Sometimes themes do not look right until you have a few posts on your blog. It might be better to settle on one theme for now and change it in a few days time once you have started writing posts to your Wordpress blog.

Next you need to Configure (Set Up) Wordpress

Step 1 – Go back to Dashboard

Step 2 – Click Settings, at the bottom of the list

Step 3 – Edit the first two boxes, change the time-zone and check the box if you want anyone to be able to register

Step 4 – Click Save Changes

Step 5 – Click the Discussion sub page link of Settings

Step 6 – Click the radio button next to 'An administrator must always approve a comment'. Scroll down, Save Changes

Step 7 – Click on Pages, about half way up the Sidebar menu

Step 8 – Hover over About, Click Edit

Step 9 – Delete the text there and type in the text you want on your About Page

Step 10 – Click the Update button on the right of the page

Step 11 – Click Add New, under Pages in the Sidebar

Step 12 – Type 'Contact' in the title bar, then type in the contact details you want to appear on your blog in the large box

Step 13 – Click the Publish button on right of the page

Step 14 – Click Links in Sidebar menu

Step 15 – Check the boxes next to all the links, click the scroll arrow next to Bulk Actions until Delete is showing in the box. Click the Apply button

Step 16 – Click Add New, at the top of the page

Step 17 – Fill in the boxes for your own link

Step 18 – Click Add Link button on the right of the screen

Step 19 – Click Posts in the Sidebar menu

Step 20 – Click Add New button at the top of the page

Step 21 – This is what it is all about – At Last…Type your post's title in the title box. Type the text of your new post into the large box

Step 22 – Click the Publish button on the right of the page

Step 23 – Click Posts again on the Sidebar menu

Step 24 – Hover over the Hello World post. Click Trash to delete it

Step 25 – Click Your Blog Title at top left of the screen and admire your blog as the world will see it

Resources: Blue Host – Web hosting made simple