Today the trend is toward “going green” and also “saving the planet”! And we can do that one step at a time and by using alternative methods of energy to create our power sources.

Solar Power

Solar panels have been around for decades and have proven to be a highly effective source of reining in power from the sun. With our world faced with a serious energy crisis it has become a wise decision to invest in alternative methods of obtaining the energy we all need. Electricity is vital to our world and the most affordable way to get it is by use of solar energy. Purchased solar panels can be easily installed or you can make those panels yourself, and then install them onto your rooftop.

Install Your Own Solar PanelsSolar cooking

Solar energy has already proven to be an excellent source of power we use every day. Solar cooking in your own back yard is possibly the easiest way to show how useful the concept of solar energy can be. Cookers can easily be built and the results are not only very healthy they also save time and taste fantastic! Cook for an entire family using a cooking box designed for solar cooking. It is also possible to roast, bake, and boil by using the same system. There is no fuel, charcoal briquettes, or gas needed, just the power supplied by the sun. That also means there will be no harmful emissions or leftover residue.

Solar thermal system

Think solar when powering your home. A solar thermal system, also called a solar heating system, is an excellent method of turning your home into a comfort zone year round. You can heat efficiently in cold winter months as well as produce clean cool air throughout warm months in summer. A solar generator converts solar energy into electric energy by use of photovoltaic cells, creating a low cost and highly efficient power source for all household needs. Already in wide commercial use, solar energy is truly an excellent source to replace conventional energy use at very little cost overall.

Solar generator

A solar generator is a piece of equipment that can operate all your electrical appliances with the help of solar energy. Solar generator converts solar energy into electrical energy through the use of photovoltaic cells. Also referred to as the solar lighting system, the solar generator stores electrical energy in its cells for later use. A solar generator saves not just power and also money and you can use all your electrical appliances and not worry about inflating your electricity bills. It’s like having your  cake and eating it too.

Solar panels may be a bit harsh on your wallet but they'll recover their investment in no time. You can further save money by easily installing the solar power panels yourself instead of calling a retailer to do it (for exhorbitant prices, no doubt!!).

Install Your Own Solar Panels