For centuries the fireplace was the central thing of living room, the place of relaxation and evening gatherings. Now, in the era of TV and central heating, many people feel nostalgia for old-fashioned stoves and fireplaces of their childhood. Often the realization of their dreams are prevented by thoughts of the need for almost full renovation of the house, particularly in case when the house didn't have a chimney in construction project.   
     The fireplace and chimney together can weigh more than three thousand pounds so the permissible load on the floor may be exceeded. To avoid costly and lengthy work one can install modern cast iron stove with factory-built metal chimney.  The weight of average cast iron stove rarely exceeds 500 pounds, so the load on the floor approximately equals to the load of three men standing near each other. 
  stove2  The choice of wood burning stoves is more than plentiful. A variety of colors and sizes is stunning. If the stove is not assumed to be the only source of heat, design becomes the dominant criterion.
   When you have decided on the appearance of the iron cast stove and it's place in the room you can skip to the selection of the chimney. The diameter of chimney pipe will be given in the stove's specifications. One of the best choices by price and quality is Solid Pack Chimney. The Solid Pack Chimney consists of two layers of metal, generally stainless steel, with an insulative material between the layers of metal. These chimneys are manufactured in a factory and assembled at the site. Factory built chimney system components are NOT interchangeable between brands.   
 pipe3    There are two types of chimney's installation: inner (through the ceiling and the roof inside the building) and outer (through the wall and then alongpipe1 the outer wall).
Often people think that cutting of ceiling and roof during inner installation is very hard and expensive work. Not at all, with modern tools it takes no more than a couple of hours.In most cases to install inner chimney is cheaper than outer.   Most of the information you will need is easily found online and in manuals for stove and chimney pipes. It will be good idea to look for federal and local restrictions, local smoke control and building regulations.

   It should be taken into account that flame in wood burning stove is real, not a toy. All stoves and fireplaces are potentially dangerous if not installed and attended properly. Errors during installation of cast iron stove and chimney can be very costly to the health and property, so my advice is to seek the services of an approved installer.

The installation of wood burning iron cast stove and steel chimney by specialists takes about two or three days and in average costs around the price of the stove which you bought.