Today, anyone can be the owner of a backyard pond.  No longer is it only the wealthy who can afford to own these beautiful landscape decorations.  The cost of supplies for a backyard pond water feature are now low enough that almost anyone can make it fit into their budget.  Now, anyone willing to put in a little work can own one of these relaxing water features.

Today, the backyard pond can be small or large.  You just need to figure out what will work in your yard.  Keep in mind that after building it, you will need to maintain it. 

Location of Backyard Pond

Find a place in your yard where there are few trees.  Leaves and debris falling in your backyard pond will driveA garden pond up the maintenance problems.  You will need to find a place where the sun will warm the pond, but be careful of too much sun.  Aquatic plants, like all plants, need sun to grow, but if the water is heated too much, some plants and fish will have problems.

You should also take note how the water flows through your yard.  If the pond is placed in a spot where water runs into it, you will have to deal with a flooded pond, and you may end up with murky water, further increasing your maintenance work load.  The best thing to do is put the pond in a raise area, but be sure any water runoff from the backyard pond does not go towards the house. 

Liners for Backyard Ponds

What kind of liner are you going to use for your backyard pond.  There are pre-formed liners that can be used for smaller ponds.  You just dig a hole that fits the liner then insert it.  You can use a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) liner to design your own shape for your backyard pond.  Don’t skimp in the liner.  These comes in various thicknesses, and buying a cheaper one to save on money may cost you later, as the thinner it is, the easier it is to be punctured.  Concrete is also an option, but that can actually drive up the cost.  Concrete will also make it hard if you want a custom free form shape pond.  

Design of Backyard Pond

Use a bendable material to lay out the perimeter of your pond.  A garden hose will work great.  String may work also, but a garden hose, being thicker, is easier for you to picture the backyard pond in your mind.  If you are using the pre-formed liner, you are just tracing the outline of your form, so you will know where to dig.  After you have the size and shape of your pond figured out, mark the area using spray paint, or spray chalk.  

Digging of Baqckyard Pond

Dig out the pond to the dimensions you figured out in the previous step.  Set any rocks aside that you may dig out, to be used later in decorating around the pond.  Smooth the sides of the hole, making sure to get out any rocks or sticks.  Anything that might puncture your lining.  Take extra care here, as later if you develop a hole, it will be a lot of trouble to repair it.  Make sure to provide for drainage for your backyard pond. 

Installation of Backyard Pond

Put in a layer of sand, then the liner.  In smaller ponds, a layer of newspaper can be used.  Again, something to help you protect the liner.  Install the liner, laying it as smooth as possible.  PlaceFish Pond Under Contstruction in the filters, water supply, pumps and lighting.  Connect them to an electrical supply and check to make sure they are working.  Check on the drainage to make sure it looks okay. 

Filling your Backyard Pond

Start adding water.  Keep an eye out for leaks.  Depending how the installation went, you might want to clean everything, take out the dirty water, and then put in clean water.  

Plants and Fish

Put the plants in place.  Let the water circulate for at least a week, and then add fish.  Adding fish should be done slowly, one or two at a time.  Also, remember that both the plants and the fish are going to grow.  Allow for that in your calculations.  It is easy to take plants out and throw them away.  You certainly don’t want to take a live fish out and throw it away!!  Depending on the fish you stock your pond with, they can be a big investment, so plan carefully, and be patient.  They will grow to the size you want. 

Enjoy Your Backyard Pond!!

Sit back, invite friends over and enjoy your new backyard pond.  A backyard pond is still, even today, an unusual addition to most yards, so you can be sure it will be a conversation starter.  It will also give you a place to relax after a hard day work.

Credit for Pictures : Biofilter Tech