Installing Above Ground Swimming Pools Made Easy

A Sharkline Above Ground Pool Installation Groveland, MA

Sharkline Above Ground Pool Installation Groveland, MA

Here is Some Helpful Information For Installing An Above Ground swimming Pool

You purchased a new pool now what?

When you purchased your above ground pool you may have done it on a whim. Most above ground pool stores create over blown sales that have such drastic price drops that even a homeless person cannot resist looking into them. So if you are one who has bought a brand new above ground swimming pool and now you need to install it. This article is for you. 

All through my career I have met hundreds of do it your self types.  Upon my meetings with these types of people it was always clear that they were at wit's end. Meaning the process of Installing an above ground pool has exposed a part of them that just shouldn't ever be exposed. We have all been there guys. "Directions? Who needs stinking directions!" This attitude with installing an above ground pool can make a grown man fall upon his knees and ask for forgiveness. 

lucky for you I am here to give you some tips of the trade to help make your installation go a bit easier. More about me in the footer of this article. But quickly I am a veteran above ground pool installer who has seen it all and I have come up with a few important tips that could save you time and help you keep ahold of your sanity. 

The following is just a few tips that will help you, for more information follow the links in the footer of this article. 

So without delay here is tip one. You will need help installing your new pool. I suggest that you get the help of three not counting yourself. Second hire a bobcat operator to level you yard for you. If your pool is 24' round then your leveled surface area is 26' round. Make sure the bobcat operator gets surface level to one inch everywhere within this area. This step could save you to days. 

Next take all the parts out of the boxes and lay them on the ground where you think they should end up or where they will help you best. When you do this step you will become familiar with all the different parts. Having the help of others will make sense to the group. Many brains are better than one. Most of the time anyway.  

Setting Up the and Getting ready for the Liner

Use Mason Sand For The Base and A Shop Vacuum For The Liner

More tips of the trade

Remember for detailed information about pool installation you can visit my site. For more information please look in the footer of this article.

Assuming you followed all the directions and your ready to tamp the sand base. Very important tip is to wet the sand base completely and thoroughly. Almost to the point of mud then tamp and trowel base with cement trowels. 

The next important tip is to place a shop vacuüm into the skimmer opening between the wall and your new liner. When turned on this will create a suction that will remove almost all the air between the liner and the wall. This will give you a smooth wrinkle free liner installation. 

Once last tip is to cut the skimmer and return only when the pool is half full of water and not before. So there you have it some very helpful tips that  you can use as a guide to install your own above ground swimming pool. For step by step directions visit my web site listed below. 

The Finished Pool

The Finished PoolCredit: Dave's Above Ground PoolsCredit: Dave's Above Ground Pools