If you have need of an outdoor shower enclosure in your back yard then you will need to first of all decide on the type and size you want before having it erected. For example if you want a basic wood structure without a roof or door and all the modern conveniences then the planning and materials required to erect this type of outdoor shower enclosure will be a lot easier and cost effective.

These days wooden outdoor shower enclosures can be easily erected for use in backyard shower areas by home owners. Before erecting one of these enclosures the first step is to decide where to place the structure in the back yard. For example, if the enclosure does not require heated water then expensive piping and fittings from the house will not be necessary so the structure would not need to be built close to the house.

The next step is to work out how far away the water source is from the house and how it can be channeled to the enclosure. In many cases, water from an outside tap attached to the house is used by simply passing it through the garden hose and up into a shower nozzle fitting that has been installed inside the enclosure.

Construction of the frame for the enclosure can either be done by purchasing the wooden materials yourself and putting everything together at your home to the dimensions you require. Alternatively you can hire or pay a tradesman to complete the job for you. After completing the construction phase it is important to ensure a flat base is installed for the shower enclosure that has been constructed to sit on. The floor can either be a square concrete slab (hand mixed) or 6 to 8 large square concrete tiles can be used as the shower base.

To allow used water to run off and not puddle on the ground outside the enclosure, a drainage trench may need to be dug by a registered drain layer. Having an expensive drainage system installed in the back yard area would depend a lot on how often your shower enclosure will be used. If it is envisaged the shower enclosure would get very little use then a basic soak pit dug into the ground and filled with stones and rocks would most likely be an option as this will gather and soak in any water run off from the shower enclosure.