When you want to install something new to your house you should have it done the right way in order to get the perfect look you want. If you want to purchase door blinds without wasting too much money then the best thing you can do is install them yourself at home. That way you won't have to pay any worker or carpenter to do it for you. All of that costs money and will distract you from saving. It is really an easy job if you just follow the instructions given step by step. The next thing you will know you will have beautiful door blinds installed to your doors.

First off you should know the type of window blinds you have. Did you know that there are magnetic window blinds that don't need any installation? All they need is to be put on top of the magnets which you will place on the corner of each window and they will seal shut. They are very convenient but unfortunately not many people have the magnetic type. Installing door blinds is easy if you know how to do it right and patiently even if you don't have the magnetic blinds.

Your blinds should fit the exterior of your door so you must make sure you purchase the right size. The width and length are very important, if you are ordering online then that would be much better because you can simply measure your door at home then ask for the same size blinds to be shipped to you. You need to also make sure that it is the glass part of the door that you are measuring. Do not make the mistake of measuring the entire door. You only want to know the size of the part which will be covered. You can also add a couple of inches extra if you want more privacy. It won't be a problem if you have something a little bigger than the window. Don't make them big enough to cover the handle of the door however.

You will then need to depend on the instruction's manual given to you with the door blinds. Every window blind is different then the other and their structures are different. It's really an easy job since they are blinds, you can also do it without and instructions manual because the rest of the steps will be obvious. Just remember that the most important thing is that you have the right size, otherwise it will be a waste.