If you have ever slipped on a slick concrete floor you know how fast your feet can go out from underneath you. This is especially a problem when in a garage with a concrete slab because invariably there will be a few drops of oil or even a stain on the floor. This may seem harmless but, as you know, water and oil don't mix so this will set up a very slick situation. If you drip water on the oil stain it will act as a lubricant and it will be almost impossible to stand up.

The remedy this problem you can apply a garage floor coating made from epoxy. This coating will be long lasting and you can even add coloring so you don't have that ugly gray concrete staring you in the face all the time. Also, before the floor covering cures you can spread anti-slip grit or color flecks to give good traction. If you have ever been in an industrial mechanic shop or a car dealer shop you will see this coating on the floor. These guys can't afford to be slipping and sliding around so they choose the best product there is.

The key for a long lasting epoxy floor is to be sure the surface is completely clean before installing. Start with a good, industrial grade degreaser on any petroleum spots or stains and then wash it all off with soap and water. Using an 18" floor broom is a good idea in order to be able to scrub with good down pressure. Once the floor is cleaned, use a very weak acid solution in order to etch the surface to enhance adhesion. Be sure to rinse very well and then let dry over night.

The next day you can roll the epoxy coating out using a 3/8 nap roller. Usually one coat is enough but if you decide on two then wait 24 hours before applying. Also, roll the second coat out at a 90 deg. angle to the first coat to improve coverage. The surface should be ok to touch in about 2 hours and you can lightly walk on it in 24. Heavy foot traffic should hold off for 3 days and you shouldn't drive on it for one week. Even after a week, be careful about turning the steering wheels and parking hot tires on the epoxy. This can cause lifting until about one month has passed. You can always park on a concrete sheet during this time.

There is really only about two half days of work involved in getting a great looking, safe garage floor. Isn't that worth it?