When you have little discretionary time to do home improvement and decorating chores, then add huge volumes of style by installing eyelet curtains quickly. Your time is limited, but you still want to have that "en vogue", look for each room in your home. If you are not sure about what color and curtain styles will work well in each area then it may be wise to watch a couple of home decorating shows. David Bromstad on HGTV's Color Splash is a great primer on what color combinations work well together. Besides being extremely entertaining, Mr. Bromstad has a such a creative mind that you will realized many ideas for your home while learning about his color wheel effects.

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One idea he constantly talks about with older décor and furnishings is to give your current accents new life by painting them a different color. Paint is inexpensive, and if your project does not turn out as you thought it would, it is easy enough to paint over your mistakes. If you already have eyelet curtains installed, and want a fresh look, then paint your old curtain rod either at complimenting or contrasting color to give your new window treatments that extra character and finesse you would only expect from a professional decorator.

You can also dress up your eyelet drapery project with unique and lavish curtain hardware like using crystal finials, and gold or silver-plated curtain rings depending on your chosen color scheme. Finding just the right look is easy if you put together a shopping list of choices from online stores before venturing out to local retailers to pick up your final selections the same day. Print out each item you are looking to purchase, so you will not second-guess yourself once out shopping. Remember to always keep receipts and all packaging in case your curtain panels and accessories do not have the wow effect that you are trying to obtain.

If you are staging your home to sell it soon, the know that neutral colors are starting to over saturate the real estate market, and using varying shades of yellows is a great replacement color your eyelet curtains and wall coverings. Strong yellow prints or paintings will really bring a pale canary shade to life, and add the eye appeal buyers want to see when shopping for a new home.