If you have a problem with water going into your basement you will most likely be looking at buying a sump pump.

Do you plan on installing a sump pump yourself or getting a professional to do the job? To save money we are going to share with you these steps so you can hopefully complete the job on your own.

Before you set off on this project you have a few items that you will need to buy or rent to complete it.

Get a level, PVC pipe and fittings, caulk and the gun to apply it with, hack saw, and a drill. Plus you may want to rent a jackhammer for this job and also have your pump and liner bought.

You will need to make sure that you know where water lines and utility lines are at before you begin to dig.

Your sump pump pit should be placed in the lowest point of that basement. This will allow the water to naturally flow to that spot.

Figure out where you will be placing that discharge pip too. Figuring out how you will get that pipe to the outside area of your home shouldn't be too difficult. Get your pump and liner so that you are ready to place it in the hole you've made.

Get the concrete broken up where you are placing your pump at by using that jackhammer. It will be a lot easier to have rented this item instead of trying to break up the floor with a hammer!

There should be a recommended depth that is suggested by the company that made the sump pump.

Make sure that you have dug the hole that deep, and ensure that it is level on the bottom of the hole. Put your liner in the hole and make sure that it fits right. Now you will seal it off by placing concrete around it.

It really isn't a hard job and these are the basic steps to follow. If you feel that you cannot complete it on your own, do hire a person to help out or do it for you.