Feeling Down? Try these free remedies.

Feeling down or useless or just plain BLAH?  Here are some tips that are not only FREE, but they are good for you too!  They are not an instant bullet but if you do them once a day, you will feel better.

1.  go outside and stand in the sunshine for around 5 - 10 minutes for some free Vitamin D (unless you are advised not to)

2.  put water out for wild birds or animals around your home/garden/area

3.   do one outstanding household job that you've been putting off for so long - eg.  clean up the kitchen or wash the curtains - one thing that you have been procrastinating over.

4.  get on the internet and google The Rainforest Site and click on the Giving Wall - it's free and you're helping a lot of people and animals and the planet - it takes 5 minutes max - believe me, you'll feel more involved in the world, more empowered.

5.  go onto Youtube and search for "the ultimate dog tease"  and spend time just laughing

6.  while you're on the internet check out some of the beautiful and free wallpaper pictures - google "wallpaper - nature" and see what glorious pictures you find.  Feast your eyes.   We all need beauty in our lives.

7.   go around the house and turn off all the electrical switches that aren't being used - turn everything off at the wall - you are saving the planet by doing this. 

8.  go to your wardrobe and throw out everything that doesn't fit - and don't read women's magazines - they are designed to make us feel "wrong" so we buy their beauty products.

9.  find your favourite old love song or what ever song you love - and pretend you are singing it to YOU.  Listen to the lyrics and pretend that you are singing it to your own self.  It's a moving experience. 

10.  Just sit with your body awhile and remember that this old girl/boy has seen you through the good and the bad and that s/he is your great companion.  Then maybe just sit and hold hands with yourself. 

I have come through some very dark times and have found that these few tasks are effective in making my loneliness or feelings of powerlessness go away.  Not for good, but for a while anyway.  I wish you all the best and keep at them everyday.  You will feel better.  All things must pass.

Nancy Liddle