There are many lower body toning products on the market, from innovative home gym equipment to toning shoes. All help get the lower body to toned perfection faster, targeting the muscles in the buttocks, hamstrings and calves and helping to get an extra targeted burn. Whilst all have their merits, the results they offer are at best a midterm goal, unless you go at it hammer and tongs at the gym. When it comes to instantaneous results, all are found lacking. It stands to reason of course, as if there was an easy way to get in shape, everyone would be doing it. There's no gain without at pain after all.

Fortunately however, Fila threw away the rule book on toning and the fashionable sportswear company has come up with a new toning system which gives instant results and gets your body working harder when exercising, targeting the buttocks and legs for a great toning workout. The toning system is a new line of exercise clothing which offers instant improvements to body shape thanks to a figure hugging ergonomic cut, whilst helping to tone the muscles faster.

Fila Body Toning System

Fila firms flabby thighs!

Of course there are no miracles at work with the Fila Toning System, and neither is the thinking behind it new. Their Body Toning System consists of Lycra leggings and hot pants which give you an instant firm up, and hold everything nicely in place giving the impression of pert bottom and well toned thighs and calves. There have been leggings before which have tried, and failed, to make any noticeable difference in body shape, so what makes Fila different? Will it sculpt a perfect pair of legs and develop buttocks you could crack walnuts with?

Long term maybe, but to start with it will hold everything in, with 41% more than standard leggings. The trick to getting the extra support lays with the ergonomic design and the strategically placed double layer panels. By cutting the clothing to the desired shape and using reinforcement panels over the muscles, the clothes really do firm up and hold in, and can even make you drop a size. However it is the benefits during exercise which is the major draw, as the compression on the muscles adds resistance making the muscles work harder with each flex.

Essentially, the clothing will instantly get you looking firmer and will help you to retain that shape when the leggings finally come off. The good news is that according to Fila, the compression will help you get up to 50% more muscle workouts during exercise when wearing their new sports line, or every hour you spend toning will equate to an hour and a half!

Sculpt n Tone + Leggings = Maximum Toning

Yes, combine the Body Toning System with a pair of Fila Sculpt n Tone shoes, and your lower body gets an even better workout. It's the perfect way to max out your toning session, whilst not having to increase the time spent exercising. However add an extra 30 minutes to each workout and in a few short weeks you can throw away your nutcracker. Probably best to wait until after Christmas though.

The only problem with the rocker bottom design which Sculpt n Tone use is that whilst it will correct the posture and boost muscle activity, they are only suitable for walking. If you really want to get the toning stats maxed out, then buy a pair of toning shoes for running, or a model suited to the gym and use that with your Fila leggings to get the most out of your time.