Ok so you have built a Blog or a Website and it is sitting there online looking good. You tell your friends and famCogs in a Machineily about it and you get a few visitors. Then Nothing. Imagine taking over a shop and painting the windows black.

Things You Will Need

Nobody can see in and your telephone number is unlisted- and you wonder why you get no traffic!

Step 1

There are several internet sites that very few people use that generate great traffic and get indexed quickly.

Try the following:

* Scribd
* Docstoc
* Slideshare

These three sites allow you to update upload a a document in microsoft word format. The document is converted online into a PDF file which is then available for viewing and importantly downloading. Pay attention here the key is download.

Not only do people read your information online they ALSO download the documents. All of these sites allow you to track the downloads and see which documents are most popular.
A powerful feature of all three is that you can place basically anything in the word document, including images and links. This raises the bar from the normal article type of promotion. Instead of just describing a product readers see the product.

Step 2

As always these sites frown upon poor quality and duplicate content but you can be creative and different.

Step 3

Some ideas

* Write a free report and make it available on Scribd
* If you have a list do the same then instead of sending a free report to your list send them a link to your scribd page where they can also download your other reports.
* Once a month copy and past your blog posts into a word document and call it something like " Private Gems".

One internet marketer has done this for years. His most important tip is: Never do anything that does not constantly have the potential to generate business and leads Perhaps this is the most powerful benefit of these types of sites. People down load your documents and Share them. The reports become viral resulting in people who have never even visited these sites or your site visiting your affiliate links because they follow them from your short reports.
BONUS TIP- Start an online Newsletter Forget everything you have read about niches and targeting people looking for help with problems. People are tired of depressing news and ideas. If you write a simple newsletter full of interesting articles and some funny stuff they will sign up and look forward to your next issue.

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