Bullet Proof Chest

Everyone wants to know who can bench press the most. If you workout, you’re likely to get asked this question. Especially if you’re chest is the size of Arnold when he was playing as “The Conan Warrior”. Those pectorals muscles looked like they could stop a bullet!


The chest isn’t just a piece of armor; it’s your pride and scars from your workouts. If you walk around shirtless with a big chest, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you walk!

Go down to muscle beach and you’re going to find people who look like they could bench press a bus full of people. No matter what you wear, your chest muscles will show and depending on how big they are, they will make you look good!

There’s so many things that you can do with a big chest. You can pop one or two and throw cherries at them and it’ll bounce back at you. You’ll find more girls attracted to you as a jacked chest will look sexy.

The bench press is the meat and potatoes of any exercise program. It can be the best or the worst exercise depending on how you use it.

Now beginners or even experienced users of this exercise tend to use more shoulders than chest. Even if they see their chest is growing and it has a pump, it may not be getting the muscle tension it needs if it isn’t done as perfectly as possible.


There is NO such thing as the best exercises. Any exercise can be great if you do it right.

Find out how you can fix your form and further improve it. Here you'll find techniques that you can use. You'll learn how your exercises can be modified or switched around in the workout. And a few tips and tricks to get your bench press at a heavier weight.

Bench More With These...


The most important thing you can do to improve your strength and muscle gains is your form.


The way you bench press will be the outcome of how you’re ripped your chest gets and how much you will bench press. Little things that you change in the way you bench press can result in 10-50 pound increases.

If you want a bullet proof chest you will need to fix your form so it’s focused on the right muscles. Weightlifters only care about the weight that they lift. Since you want a bigger chest and a bigger bench press, you will need to first make sure that your chest is getting thoroughly worked.

You might need to sacrifice a bit of ego by using less weight than before. Don’t worry, as your chest gets stronger you’ll be able to bench more than before. And your shoulders will thank you as they won’t be stressed.


Bodybuilders usually like to flare out their elbows during the bench press because it allows for more muscle activation in the chest.

This can be harsh on the shoulder joint which raises your risk for injuries. Pull your elbows in just a bit, have them at 45 degrees and your shoulder joints will be less at risk. Just from this technique, your bench press should already be increased. 

Don’t bounce the weight when you get to your chest. Slowly let it come down to your chest and pause for nearly a second then push it back up with full force.


If you don’t breathe properly, you won’t deliver oxygen to the working muscles. If you hold your breath for too long, you can do some serious damage to yourself and you might pass out. 

When you execute the bench press, you should inhale on the way down to your chest, and pause your breath with the bar for half a second, then exhale on the way up.

Lat activation:rgr

On the eccentric movement of the bench press (the way down) you should focus on all your body to be tight and tensed up especially the lats.

Imagine pulling the bar towards the lats then pushing up while keeping the lats tight. This will help you push the weight up better and harder. For more muscle activation, squeeze your shoulder blades as if you were holding a pencil between them.


Leg drive:yea

Plant your toes firmly on the ground and squeeze your quads. Allow your knees to flare out so your glutes are fully activated.

Make sure you squeeze all of your legs while strongly planting your feet on the ground. This will give you more strength and muscle tension which results in a greater bench press.

Psyching up:yea

Getting psyched for a workout is a great way to ensure your that your mental state is in check. Your bench press can increase by nearly 33 pounds just by getting excited for your exercise. Use this technique sparingly or you’ll burn out overtime.




Strengthen your triceps and you’ll make a difference in how much you can bench press.Many people don’t realize this but triceps play a huge part in the bench press. They make up 70% or more of your arm and they are used to help push the barbell up in the bench press.

Don’t work them out after your chest because you will be exhausted with your empty glycogen stores from the heavy bench pressing.



Work them out on their own day with bicepsand forearms or with a small muscle like shoulders. Stronger triceps will allow you to bench press more which will result in bigger chest muscles. 


No matter how many injuries we’ve seen on YouTube, or twitted on twitter, or even a friend of ours from Facebook, it seems that no one wants to take it as a lesson. If you get injured, you may learn from it the hard way but there’s some chance that you’ll have more difficulty to get back on track depending on the injury.

If it’s serious, you will lose progress and even if time heals it, there’s nothing like losing momentum that may discourage you from ever weight training again.

Stretching will reduce the risk of injury. When you stretch a muscle, it becomes more expandable and flexible. The more expanded the muscle gets, the more blood and nutrients get in it while possibly making your muscle much bigger than before.

As a muscle gets more flexible, it’s less likely to have an injury like muscle tear. You’ll be able to take it through its range of motion while reducing risks for any injuries.

Warm up:

Without warming up, you won’t be ready to bench press at your best. One of the biggest mistakes one can make is not warming up properly.grg

Without warming up, you’ll be putting more stress on your joints and your muscles will not be ready as well as your central nervous system. So without doing so, you will risk getting hurt which will not help your progress.

When you warm up, you get more blood flow going to the targeted muscles and that will take off stress off your joints.

For the best muscle activation and results, do warm up starting with the lightest weight, and increasing 15-25% for each set. Your first set should be with the empty bar starting with 15 to 20 repetitions.


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Start Your Way To A Bigger Bench Press Now!

By using proper techniques with the best form, you’ll be able to get more out of your bench press.

You should expect at least an immediate 10 pound increase if you’re not already using these techniques. This will result in greater mass in the chest.

Do plan to buy muscle shirts that will show off your newly built and beastly chest!

Summary: rgr

Don't be distracted when you enter the gym and focus on how strong your bench press will be. Get ready by warming up so your joints, muscles and central nervous are ready.

Imagine yourself bench pressing with your feet planted on the ground while tightening up your quads all the way to your glutes.

If you’re ready, practice with the empty bar with perfect form. Keep your elbows from flaring out keep them close enough to your body so they are not pointed out where your shoulders would be at risk.

As you inhale, pull the bar towards your latissimus, pause at the bottom while you hold your breath. Then exhale and return the bar to it's starting position in a explosive way. 

You should have a spotter for safety reasons. An injury will prevent you from benching at your best. And do pull your shoulder blades together so you are focused on your chest. 

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