You have a cell phone, you have a few seconds, and you need information. Try texting instead! Here are some great reasons WHY you should have a text messaging plan, a phone with a bigger screen, and maybe even a full keyboard (If you've had your phone for almost two years, you might want to upgrade first to see what you've been missing).

1) FAST! Text messaging, or SMS, allows for discreet and fast communications without logging in, or waiting for a web page to load.

2) You can get directions by using text messaging: Text your zip code to Google at 466453

3) You can shop: Look at any Best Buy Ad and text the SKU to 332211. It'll send you back reviews and more information on that product.

4) Everyone texts, and it doesn't require any special browser or extra data plan to do it. Don't have time for a conversation? Text instead.

5) It's much cheaper. Instead of dealing with overages of 40 - 45 cents a minute, a text costs between 5 - 20 cents. You can get unlimited texts as low as $15 a month on a single line of cell phone service.

6) It's much sexier. Try a naughty conversation with your partner over the phone in a public place, and you'll find that SMS messaging is much less awkward, but just as exciting.

7) Your kids will think you're cooler when you send them a text from your phone that says: U R doing homework 2 nite.

8) There are tons of short codes that you can use to communicate and get news, directions, movie times, and more using text messaging.

9) Smilies! If you're bored, you can spend hours wondering what :-P means or :-* really is, or if your other half does less than three you. <3 is a heart.

10) If you don't text, you may be old. Start looking for a hoveround, or some tennis balls to go on your walker.