Guitar lessonsEveryone wants to play the guitar! There are a lot of guitar players out there. Some play classical, and some play heavy metal grunge music. Regardless of what the guitar player wants to play, he started somewhere. Most seasoned guitar players learned how to play the guitar long before the internet was a tool that the whole wide world could access. These guys learned from the greats by struggling through recordings, and VHS video tapes, and paying extraordinary fees to the mentor/teacher who came before them.

Well, technology has finally emerged into a new era of computerized guitar lessons. Now you can click on your favorite musician link and get immediate contact with Jimmy Page, or Johnny Winter. You can learn the basics, and the blues, you can pick up funk, slap and pop, and jazz guitar. There is not a single thing you cannot find on "YouTube" video.Guitar lesson 1

Lots of musicians have their own lesson sites as well! You can get the fingering down by watching the pros at work, zooming in on their own fingers to show you tips and tricks that they've developed along the way. Just think of it, in a few short months you could be playing like Eddie Van Halen or Bo Diddly!

Women, don't let yourselves get left in the dust, either. There are a lot of hot women guitar players out there ready to teach you how to shred like the best! You could follow in the footsteps of Ann Wilson of Heart by hitting up a musician site that gives the ladies the best lessons to work with their shorter, and sometimes more delicate fingers. Bonnie Rait's raspy blues more your style?

On the internet, you can find a vast variety of information. Guitar tab (the written scores for guitar players) is great to learn because it gives you a wider range of songs to play.

Links provided below will guide you to several different opportunities that are available. Truly, you can "google" guitar lessons in the style or artist you wish, that's all I did, and I found these along with hundreds more! Take advantage of that great little computer you have sitting in your room or office and teach yourself. With all the free access to internet guitar lessons, you can leave the music teacher in the dust, and keep you CD lesson money in your pocket, or to replace those strings you will break as you bend and stretch your strings.

Don't worry, bass players, there are plenty of lessons for you too! Hit that little search engine and you'll go right to the song, video, lesson, or tab for the perfect signature song. Heck, learn a couple! It's free, after all!

Play like the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn:

Play like Led Zepplin's Jimmy Page:

Play like Johnny Winter:

Play like Bo Diddly:

Play like Eddie Van Halen:

Play like Heart's Ann Wilson:[DUCdiibpekw].cfm

Learn Classical Guitar: