Lime green Christmas decorations really stick within the basic red and green color palette. However, this is really going to be much more modern and contemporary feeling. You can even ditch the red altogether just because a monochromatic palette adds sophistication to the space.

Consider going with gold as an accent color. This can be a neutral. The great thing about this is that then all of the gold elements in your room from your door hinges, light fixtures, and picture frames are really going to feel like part of the overall scheme. This also takes a very vibrant color which could read as being suitable for a teenager and makes it a lot more sophisticated. If you want gold or silver in your theme then try going with more of a crystal effect. You can even get crystal garlands to hang on your tree.

Lime Green Christmas Tree

Lime Green Christmas Decorations

You can also have a lot of fun with this. You could actually bring in limes. Display these in vases. This is a way to get a great fresh look to your room and it's quite inexpensive. In fact you could also mix limes in with traditional Christmas ornaments. Christmas ornaments are a pretty basic kind of centerpiece but just adding in fruit is totally going to give it that wow factor. You could even find fake limes at the dollar store and then just paint them or try adding glitter for a touch of sophistication. You could even bring in different vegetables like an artichoke which is going to tone down the bright green while still relating to it.

This can also be a very subtle effect. Instead of going with a very dark evergreen kind of color on your tree go with a lighter version such as a spruce. This can include a lot of different green and blue tones. It's also going to be different than everyone else's tree on the block. This is a subtle way to bring in this color palette or really set the basis for this color palette. Then you can just use neutral brown or gold decorations to highlight the tree without distracting from the strong color.

Lime Green Christmas Ornaments

Keep it Chic

You can also give this more of a natural effect just by shopping around the craft store. You can find a lot of wicker balls that aren't just for Christmas. You can also really try to get items that people can easily relate to such as classic ornaments but in new colors. Just slightly change up your accent color to bring in those lime green Christmas decorations. This is a great way to redo a faux tree and allows you to use garlands that you may already have around your house.

You'll also really want to consider the lights that you use. You can go with a basic white light. Another option would be to find colorful lime green bulbs. These are usually a little bit more expensive and difficult to find than the multi-color strands of lights, but it is going to add in your theme in a very subtle and traditional way.