What’s the difference between a cigarette and zen rollers? Most adults have probably in one way shape or form encountered cigarettes, but many may not have encountered the uses of zen rollers. Zen rollers are small machines that are used to roll tobacco into individual cigarettes with the use of rolling papers.

It is medically proven that rolled cigarettes are healthier than their packaged counterparts; however they are both proven to cause lung cancer in one way shape or form!

For the novice roller, it might look like a daunting task to roll up cigarettes so here are some easy instructions to zen rollers:

Tobacco – You will need tobacco to make your cigarette. This can be purchased at many supermarkets, convenience stores and specialty tobacco stores. You can buy them in packets (bags) or in cans. Canned tobacco will be cheaper, but both of them should come with rolling paper.

Zen rollers – You will also need a zen roller, with the major brands including instructions to zen rollers as they are a little complicated to use. These top brands are worth the extra money as they will loosen up your tobacco before they are rolled up. You can get these in several sizes with zen rollers 110mm being the most common.

- Take the tobacco and pack it loosely into the roller, making sure that you fill it up to capacity. The roller is designed to do the job for you so easy does it? Most zen rollers will have an unhinged side, this is so it’s easy to pack the tobacco, and sometimes it might be necessary to turn the unhinged side towards you when packing the tobacco.

- Close the roller and let the roller do the job for you. Follow the instructions to zen rollers, open the roller and if you had followed the instructions as planned, you should have a nice, neatly rolled cigarette in front of you!

I do recommend that you read the zen roller instructions, most novice rollers don’t read and end up wasting time and money trying to make the perfect rolled up cigarette.  

Here are some more points that most people fail to notice:

- Most rolling paper will come with an adhesive edge to it, so it’s easier to keep the tobacco intact when rolling.

- If you cannot get the hinged part of your roller to rotate fully, that means that you have over-filled your roller with tobacco, you will need to open it, take some tobacco out and try rolling it again.

- You can also roll up filtered cigarettes, all you need to do is buy the filters, place them in with your tobacco at the right spot and you will have yourself a filtered rolled up cigarette!Instructions-to-zen-rollers

I hope these instructions to zen rollers help, I cannot stress this enough, smoking is dangerous to your health, I do not smoke, it is a free world and people are allowed to do what they want, but please visit your doctor for regular check-ups if you are a frequent smoker!