Have you ever used a tool with an inherent fear of receiving an electric shock from whatever you were working on? Unfortunately, this is a fear that electricians must face on a daily basis! For the sole reason of safety, you should choose to use insulated electricians screwdrivers if you are in any way associated with this trade. The greatest thing about these manual tools is that the rubber insulation on the handle stops the electricity from flowing through to your hand in the unfortunate event of touching a large wire. Some of the best electricians screwdrivers even have a small light on the handle that lights up when it is coming into contact with a live wire. Choose any of the best electricians screwdrivers that are featured throughout this article to ensure your safety and well being; use them effectively, and you will not receive an electric shock, even if you are touching a live wire.

Wiha 32092 Slotted And Phillips Insulated Screwdriver Set, 1000 Volt, 6 Piece
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(price as of Jul 31, 2013)

Wiha Cushion Grip Electricians Screwdrivers

Although Wiha is not a brand that you will encounter in your local hardware store, they have quite the selection of great tools for cheap prices. Their set of cushion grip screwdrivers will not protect you from a shock; however, they can still beWiha Cushion Grip Insulated Electrician Screwdriver SetCredit: Amazon.com used as electricians screwdrivers in some instances. These are only acceptable to be used by those tradesman that literally NEVER work on live wires. People that always work on electrical boxes before they are wired are usually the individuals that utilize these tools.

Wiha Insulated Electricians Screwdrivers Sizes

This set is the perfect tool set for anybody to have if they are ever working with wires that could potentially have electrical current running through them. These electricians screwdrivers of various sizes will protect you in the unfortunate event of touching a live wire; this is mainly due to the insulation that is present on the handle. In addition to their protection, they are offered at a relatively cheap price which is an added bonus to their great quality.

Unitool Manufactures The Best Electricians Screwdrivers

Unitool is a brand that has been around for quite a while, and have developed a positive reputation over the years that they have been present on the market. This reputation was built through offering great products for a relatively discounted price. Choosing a set of the best electricians screwdrivers that are made by Unitool will ensure that you are receiving the maximum amount of protection in the unfortunate case that you are touching a wire that has a live current running through it.

Fuller Tool Precision Set Form The Best Electricians ScrewdriversFuller Tool 17 Piece Golden Grip Screwdriver SetCredit: Amazon.com

Fuller is definitely the most reputable brand name to be featured throughout this article; they have been out for quite a while, and have developed a positive reputation through the years. They have a set of precision electricians screwdrivers that are geared specifically towards the tradesmen and apprentices that will be using them on a daily basis. Their tools are mad in a durable manner because they know that tools will be dropped, slammed, and thrown on a somewhat frequent basis. Choose the Fuller Tool Precision set if you are looking for a durable set of screwdrivers for a great price.

Greenlee Screw Holding Electricians Screwdrivers

I can bet that you have either held screws in either your mouth or pocket if you have eveGreenlee Screw Holding Phillips Tip ScrewdriverCredit: Amazon.comr been in a position that requires you to hold the tool with one hand and the object with the other hand. This is where the Greenlee Screw Holding electricians screwdrivers would come in absolutely useful. Greenlee had an ingenious idea to create a tool that would take all of the difficulty out of the work in screwing things together. Although you may pay a few more dollars for it, choose the screw holding models that also have a ratcheting head for the absolute easiest work that you will have ever done.

Whether you are a licensed electrician or simply somebody that does some electrical work around their house once in a while, it is important to have a set of the best electricians screwdrivers around to utilize when needed. Safety should be your utmost concern whenever you are doing any type of work, whether you are working doing a 5 minute job or a 5 month job the last thing that you want to do is get hurt!

Titan 17237 Insulated Electrical Screwdriver Set - 7 Piece
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(price as of Jul 31, 2013)

Since electrical wire can potentially carry electrical current, it is direly important to own a set of the best electricians screwdrivers to protect you from this potentially live wire. Many people thing that a small shock will not hurt anybody; however, even the smallest shock can throw off your heart rate, and send you to the hospital quicker than you can blink. With the proper tools being available, why would you take this chance? Take all of the manual tools that are featured throughout this article into consideration when you are looking to make a purchase, and you will surely be safe during the next time that you are working on some electrical wire.