Insulated Shipping Boxes For Sale

Buying Insulated Shipping Boxes to Protect Valuable Perishable Goods

Insulated shipping boxes have been the packaging material of choice for small businesses and individuals that have cause to mail perishable products such as meats, cheeses, ice creams, coffee, and more. Insulated shipping boxes are usually designed in a two-layer fashion, with an internal insulated carton made of foam or other cold-retaining material that is cradled in, and protected by, a regular or heavy duty cardboard box. This special design gives cold perishable goods an extra layer of protection. The outer cardboard box protects the inner insulated carton from bumps, scrapes and punctures while the internal insulation keeps food and other perishable goods cold during transport. This ensures that your shipped products will arrive at their destination in tip-top and well-preserved shape.

Find Insulated Shipping Boxes for Every Job

The best thing about insulated shipping boxes is that they can be found in basically any dimension and size you could want. If you only have a couple half pound bags of coffee beans or grounds to ship, you can find small insulated boxes that will do the trick just fine. Alternatively, you can find medium and large shipping boxes that will accommodate even very large orders of perishable goods. Shipping perishable goods has never been easier thanks to the easy and no-fuss design of most insulated shipping boxes. Just wrap and secure your perishable goods as you normally would, preferably in some sort of airtight packaging, lay down either ice or special cold packs around the inside of the insulating carton, and pack your perishable goods into the center of them. Next, insert your insulating carton into the outer protective cardboard box. S0me shippers like to further secure their persihable goods by double-sided taping the carton to the outer protective box to prevent the contents from shift excessively during transport. Voila, you can pay the postage on your insulated shipping boxes and drop them off or have them picked up for a speedy delivery.

What Do People Ship in Insulated Shipping Boxes?

Insulated shipping boxes are used for a variety of different goods, and not just perishable goods like foods. Other businesses and individuals have had success shipping ointments, cosmetics, and even medicines in insulated shipping boxes. Some medical supply companies and even hospitals have cause to purchase and use insulated shipping boxes, too. That's because many different medical supplies and certain medicines must be kept at certain low temperatures in order to ensure they do not loose any of their efficacy in transport. Sometimes blood banks will ship plasma and / or blood in insulated shipping boxes to ensure safe delivery.

If you already have, or if you're starting a small company that sells perishable goods, you can order insulated shipping boxes in bulk so that you will always have a sufficient stock on-hand whenever it comes time to begin processing an order of your perishable goods. The effective handling and proper treatment of your perishable goods will help your business to succeed as your clients and customers will be happy to find their products in top order by the time they receive and open them.