As the new generation keeps on finding new ways to shock the world, one of the recent trends that has come to light is insulin bodybuilding. Athletes choose to consume insulin as an advanced performance-enhancing drug for a bigger size and stronger physique. These athletes have been dependent on insulin as a steroid and hormones growth assistant. There is no doubt that insulin is responsible in igniting a series of cellular events that are finally responsible for development of muscle.

The key to keep the body in a state of harmony is avoid the simple carbs or sugar and adapting the habit of taking complex carbs that release energy slowly. You don't need the same insulin point but a slower release. Eating most of your daily carbs after a workout repairs and refuels the muscles. Eating before the workout is also important because it gives you force to work out correctly.

Insulin also assists amino acids known as proteins into the muscles which make it an essential hormone for growth. It is good to take in a good mixture of carbs and protein 60 minutes or so before and after an exercise or workout. Taking this before the workout gives the muscles enough protein to prevent catabolism and taking it after the workout is meant for prevention of catabolism, repair and growth of the muscles. Its a good habit to inculcate.

Insulin BodybuildingHowever athletes who risk their health foolishly for a few more pounds of muscle and begin injecting insulin for its anabolic properties is insane. Increased insulin may allow them to increase extra muscle temporarily but, such an act is too dangerous and it has often resulted in fatality. It undoubtedly leads to a number of cases of diabetes and other serious infirmities. If you want a simplified understanding of diabetes mellitus check out the diabetes mellitus definition here.

Each muscle is worth keeping for a stable health. The role of the body builders and their responsibility to the world of real sport is to find out what drugs to use and for what purpose. There is no dearth of supplements and healthy foods. There are responsible and ethical body builders who have determined the proper diet to use in conjunction with non-medical insulin administration in the case of insulin bodybuilding. They have even figured out the testosterone level and supplements to use with insulin. Those who are experts at this hazardous dosage dance are able to maintain their insulin levels from rising too high and resulting in increased body fat from excess sugar. Such a condition would not be desirable for body builders or any athlete.

Despite being a prohibited substance, insulin cannot be detected in any drug test and the use of insulin by non-diabetics is not against the law in many states because traditional syringes are not needed to administer this hormone. Undoubtedly, insulin is a popular performance-enhancing drug (PED) because no prescription is needed as such

This ugly truth is obvious on many online fitness forums, health articles and sports news. If you check out for yourself, you will be amazed that people play with insulin bodybuilding for real. Craziness depends on perspective. What may seem rational to one is crazy for another and vice versa. We just hope awareness of the dangers of insulin bodybuilding will increase and people will stop playing such games which are fraught with danger.