Overview of IET (Integrated Energy Therapy)

One of the most popular methods of treating ailments is the integrated energy therapy, popularly known as energy healing therapy. This therapy presumes that energy is all pervading and that it can be influenced by using certain methods and restoring the natural flow of energy in human beings body. 

The therapy-method was developed by a certified Reiki master, Stevan J. who has also written the famous book,  "Interview with an Angel". The therapy is very unique and powerful since it involves spiritualism and natural treatment. IET is different from other forms of therapy because emotions are entwined within a human being in mental, physical and spiritual forms. The therapy enables you to release specific-energy patterns that are prevalent and which pertain to your past, balances your life and helps you become a new person.

Maria Kramer, IE Therapist

The human body contains ample energy but at the same time the energy has many imbalances which are caused by stress from daily life and also by anger, fear and other such human feelings. Physical and emotional pain is a way for the human body to react to such imbalances that are caused on a daily basis. It causes certain blocks in the body tissue through which energy is unable to flow freely and causes a blockage. To put it simply, if emotion is not addressed then there is a block in energy-flow.

Energy therapy consists of pain management, immune system management, as well as emotional freedom. The therapy aims to provide a sense of well-being and lead to good health by enhanced spiritual development. The so called lifestyle diseases are caused by blocked energy or slowing down of the flow of energy. The healing therapy deals with all kinds of imbalances including mental, physical, psychological and emotional imbalances.

The practitioners of this therapy do not really diagnose an illness or treat diseases but analyze the energy of the body and initiate the healing process of a person. An example that is used by practitioners of this therapy uses water to show the energy system and heat to show integrated energy. Ice is the thickest form of water and when heat is applied to ice it changes into water. If you apply heat even further, the water transforms into steam and with continued heating the water will turn into vaper and will become invisible. Hence, ice is turned into vapor to the application of heat and it moves from solid-state to vapor.

Benefits of IET

This therapy is quite similar to Reiki and believes in creating an energy-flow balance. The first step in this therapy is to identify the problem. Then you need to recognize what the problem is and surrender to a higher power and stop trying to control how things will go. The next stage is precipitating a change in your life and doing what comes naturally to you. When you do this you will find that you feel freer and quite automatically the blockages will start clearing up. As soon as the blocked energy is released you will feel a sense of well-being and there will be an improvement in your health.

People who work closely with technology get sensitized to electrical energy due to working in close proximity with electrical equipment and systems. As a result a large amount of energy gets circulated within their bodies  similar to an electrical current with a lot of anxiety and tense feelings. The integrated energy therapy can be used successfully to ground this electrical energy and correct the imbalance.

Integrate energy therapy is still at a very nascent stage and needs to evolve much more. The therapy is being integrated into mainstream medicine and is being studied by psychologists because people are resorting to alternative medicine due to the side-effects of regular medicine. It is also much cheaper than regular medicine and is a natural way of improving your health.


The integrated energy therapy is a superior form amongst all therapies that use energy dissipation because it uses higher vibration energy than other forms of treatment. It is very safe and energy is released very gently pertaining to your past, at the same time it empowers and provides a wonderful balance in your life in the present. It is immensely helpful for you to realize your dreams and aspirations as you move into a bright future.