My sister and I have been looking for a way to integrate a more healthy routine into our busy daily lives. We've both tried gym memberships and a few different video training guides. She tried an aerobics class and I tried swimming regularly. Our latest attempt to work better health in our lives involves the P90X workout routine.

You see, we both found we consistently had two problems that kept us from keeping these healthy habits a regular part of our lives. First, we're both just too busy to drive to a location other than our homes to get our exercise. Sometimes the weather makes it prohitive, sometimes our schedules, and sometimes the little extra steps required to get there each time take more effort and time than you think they will.

Second, we both felt like even when we eliminated the inconvenience of having to drive somewhere to get our workouts, we were still experiencing unbalanced workout routines that didn't fully satisfy our body's need for exercise and balance. For example, while my swimming routine was certainly healthy and productive in its own right, it provided neither robust resistance training (weight lifting-like muscle building) nor extensive flexibility training (like yoga).

At this point, you may think I'm about to tell you how we found the answer with the P90X. That isn't the case, however. I am going to tell you how it appears to make sense, but the truth is we just started so I don't know yet.

My sister will try to work her P90X workouts into her weekday mornings schedule while I will be an early evening P90X athlete. The P90X fulfills two basic requirements for us: it requires little to no equipment (which saves us space and money), and it can be implemented in the comfort and privacy of our own homes.

Additionally, the P90X provide a robust yet balanced workout schedule. It mixes strength training, endurance training and flexibility training. It is this balance that has me most excited. So many different workouts I've tried either bored me with being too predictable and repetitive or just left me feeling unsatisfied.

The variety of strength, endurance and flexibility training offered by the P90X really seems to appeal to my desire for diversity and balance in a workout routine. What I gather from P90X reviews is that the presenters do a great job entertaining and motivating you as well.

But will the P90X work for us and our busy schedules? Only time will tell. I think I'm more excited than my sister, but I'm eager to see where we both are in six months.