What is Intelligent Design and what does it have to do with


  Intelligent Design

  Intelligent design, as the words suggest, mean that complex things (or even simple things for that matter) are made by something that can think intelligently and act in such a way as to create. The automobile has a "designer". Henry Ford who made the automobile put time and effort into making the original plans.These plans were then remodeled and refined by men after Ford until it became the modern vehicles we have today.


Henry Ford and Barney Olfield(80473)Credit: Wikipedia

   Do you have a watch on today? When you look at the watch you expect it to show you the correct time. You don't have to wonder and check it with a half a dozen other watches to simply find out the time. Why is that? Because the watch was designed to able to keep track of time even to the second. the cogs turn continually in a timely fashion. I would say that someone took time and effort to make the watch as reliable as it is today. An intelligent person created and molded it into a working unit.

  If I were to say the watch formed itself you would reject me as a nut-case in serious need of a treatment. And again if I were to claim the automobile was first made of wood and then after a while it turned into metals and the metals became greased and started moving, you would probably excuse yourself from the room and call the nearest asylum. 

 Can this process of thinking continue unchallenged?

 If I were to convey to you the evolutionary process that took place for me to come into being, you might not think me so outrageous. This is a conundrum to me as I am a radical who tries to apply one law to rule all. (The law here being that if it works/functions as one body it must have had a designer. And the "ruling all" meaning that this should apply in every case of the matter.)

  However, I am forced to consider if this is a plausible explanation of the universe. There are exceptions to spellings, and exceptions to legalities; exceptions to war, and exceptions to peace.

 Just a bit deeper...

  Let us examine further the possibility of this one instance where there could be no exception.  Is this possible? Why not? What are the reasons for exception?

 Our DNA and Bertrand Russels' "soup"

  Well, since we started by talking about my existence, lets look into this just a bit. Bertrand Russel didn't think that "intelligent design" was a practical explanation of life. "There is no evidence of design about it...." he said  " [they are] statistical averages of just the sort that would emerge from chance."

                                                                    DNA(80468)Credit: Wikipedia 

  To some Bertrand Russel might have sounded a bit like one who listens to a piece of music by Chopin and says that the music is so complex that he must have recorded his cat running up and down the keyboard. However this is not the facts. Bertrand Russel was simply making the point that the complexities of the body looked like a big bowl of soup, so to speak. The pieces fell where they would. That's reasonable enough.  

  Here's a quote from Dr. Dug Axe (Molecular Biologist explains what DNA is:  ...this is the material [DNA] that stores all of our genetic information. In higher lifeforms this would be the equivalent of something like a gigabit of information stored in the molecules that form the individual chromosomes all packed within the nucleus which is a tiny fraction of the entire cell size.

   So what does DNA do? Well, the information in DNA ends up providing the information for sequencing the amino acids to make protein. We have information in a one-dimensional form which provides the information for a three-dimensional form." (1)

  It takes at least 150 proteins to form the simplest form of life. But each protein has to be in the correct order, all 250 times for this to happen.

   "We're talking about something staggeringly improbable. Roughly 1 in a TRILLION, TRILLION, TRILLION, TRILLION, TRILLION, TRILLION." Dr. Doug Axe (1)

   But that still leaves us with a chance, doesn't it?

  Well, yes it does but scientists have rejected any probabilities that are less than 10 to the 150th power to be impossible.

  "Dempski took the number of atoms in the entire universe (10 to the 80th power) and multiplied by the smallest division of time during which there could be an evolutionary change (10 to the 40th power per second of change) and multiplied that by the commonly accepted age of the earth(10 to the 25th power seconds) to arrive at an absolute limit of  10 to the 150th power. The odds of even a simple body of protein evolving out of an amino-acid is 10 to the 325th power, far beyond the boundary of zero probability." (2)

 Panspermia: Beating the Odds

 Panspermia -in short-  is the idea of life on our planet beginning with extraterrestrial help. There are two schools of thought on this. The fist we will discuss was from  astronomer Thomas Gold who introduced the idea of accidental panspermia. Accidental panspermia is when life on earth evolved from "trash" left by extraterrestrials. (I suppose that could explain the "primordial soup".) The second is Directed panspermia developed by Francis Crick means that life as we know it was "seeded" on earth by extraterrestrials.


  Now we have come full circle. Either God made it or "the aliens did it". So this comes down to belief again. Which will we choose? Which will you choose?

  Some choose the Alien idea simply because they do not want to be accountable to a God. Any God. Search carefully in your thoughts. Is this possibly your reasoning?Remember that just because you do not want to believe in it, it does not make it untrue. Truth is truth no matter who believes it or not. 

 Thank you for reading.

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