Does the idea of spending your time in the company of little children appeal to you? Maybe you grew up looking after younger brothers and sisters, and caring for them just comes naturally to you. You may not have kids of your own, and miss the fun you once had, and would like a job where you could do just that. Being a nanny is fun, but quite a serious profession, too. You are responsible for the welfare of the children in your care, and what you are doing is a whole lot different than just babysitting once in  awhile. Since you may already have some experience, there are more things you can do to ensure that you have a good chance of getting a position as a nanny.



Take some classes in early childhood development. These are usually offered at a local college in your area, or you can also go online to find out what is being offered. First aid training and certification is also recommended for anyone who is going to be in the business of caring for the children of others. There are nanny schools you can attend, either in person or online that can give you a greater understanding of what will be required of you should you desire to become one. You should take advantage of all the options you have that can teach you, and give you a better understanding of what it means to be a professional nanny.


Don’t even consider this occupation unless you really, really have an affinity for kids. Some people take to this career quite naturally, but there are others who just can’t imaging spending their workday with rambunctious kids. If you don’t mind the unlimited energy, the countless questions and curiosity, and feel you can keep up with the mischief they are bound to get into from time to time, then definitely go for it. It’s one career that will certainly keep you on your toes, keep you active, and really add a lot of enjoyment to your life. Kids are fun to be around, and can actually make you feel younger than your years.


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At one time, it was only the older women who had already raised their own families who were hired as nannies. That has changed, however, with the age of women interested in this occupation being quite a bit younger. With proper training, college courses to their credit, and earned certification, women are becoming nannies everywhere there is a need. With the return of many parents to the workforce, qualified people are needed in all sectors, and where it was once only the wealthy who could afford a nanny, now it is becoming much more commonplace among average citizens.


The babysitter is, of course, still needed for short periods of time, particularly in the evenings, but it is the nanny who reprises the biggest share of childcare during the day. While some parents still prefer to enroll their kids in daycare, the majority of others would rather have their kids at home while they are working. A nanny can offer the same educational opportunities by working with the kids each day, helping them learn to read and teaching other basic skills. Parents take comfort in the fact that there is someone who is with them one-on-one, and they aren’t just part of a large group.


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Of course, there are duties required from each person who works as a nanny, and those duties will vary from client to client. While one employer may ask her to take care of certain household tasks, others may simply want her to concentrate entirely on interacting with their kids. Specific duties are discussed during the interview process, and agreed upon at that time. Working as a nanny can be as rewarding, yet challenging, as anyone who works exclusively with youngsters can tell you. At the end of the day, however, you have the satisfaction of knowing that in a small way, you had a positive influence on the kids in your care, and that alone is a great feeling. Do look into what is required to become a nanny if the idea of childcare interests you.