Want an Education or Career in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement? Find out what it takes to get your foot in the door of one of these exciting careers.

Now days, for many, the desire to work in the criminal justice field is ever-increasing, as is the need for people possessing the proper qualifications. So now is the perfect time to pursue an education in this field and lock in your chances for a career somewhere in the field of law enforcement.



Getting a degree can help pave your way, to a long-term career. Whether the desire is to work in any of the following fields: DEA; court operations; law enforcement; homeland security; private security; fraud; corrections; probation or any other branch of criminal justice, the only things standing in your way are education and the motivation to go after it.


There are many educational opportunities that await those who wish to attain or further their degree in the field or criminal justice. There are even options and opportunities available to for you to earn your degree online or on-site. This makes it possible for you to fit this educational career advancement opportunity into your schedule. With the possibilities being nearly endless, as to where this education and career can take you and the flexibility available in attaining a degree for it, there is no excuse to not take the chance and make your desired career a reality.


Choosing your Degree

If you have decided to follow your dreams and go after your degree, your first step is to find out what type of degree is mandatory for the field of your choice (some fields may require the addition of a law degree). A degree can be obtained (depending on and varying by school) that focuses on many different aspects of the field of law enforcement (note these are just some of the possibilities):


Associate Degree - (Time it takes to earn -2 yrs)


An Associate degree will help open the door to entry-level positions throughout the criminal justice and law enforcement fields.


  • Criminal Investigations

Criminal Justice

  • Applied Science in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement
  • Arts degree
  • Bachelor Degree - (Time it takes to earn - 4 yrs)


    Similar to an Associate degree, a Bachelor's degree will give you the skills and education needed for many entry-level positions as well as more advanced positions.


    • Science in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
    • Law Enforcement
    • Criminal Justice
    • Science in Organizational Security and Management

    Master's Degree - (Time it takes to earn - 6-8 yrs)


    When you take the time and put the extra effort into your education enough to attain a Master's degree you are allowing yourself the skills to be able to advance in whichever career field you opt to take on.


    • Science in Criminal Justice/Policing
    • Science/Administration of Justice and Security
    • Criminal Justice
    • Science Criminal Justice Administration
    • Science/Administration of Justice and Security

    In as little as 2 - 8 years you could be well on your way to having the criminal justice/law enforcement career of your dreams. Education is the foundation for your future so act today and find out what it takes to get the ball rolling.