For most people, the computer is a very basic and boring machine. They use the factory provided keyboard and mouse and there is rarely anything that is personal about the machine itself. One way that designers have tried to change this is through interesting designs for the computer mouse. Whether it is whimsical or practical, there is sure to be an interesting design that will set you and your computer apart from others.

One problem that many people encounter is stress related injuries or soreness from repetitive use of an object. Sitting at the desk and typing away all day long will do this if you don't have the correct or ergonomic tools. Many designers have departed from the traditional mouse design in an attempt to create the device that will fit the hand the best and cause the least amount of strain. Some of these do not even look like your typical optical device, but rather some sort of alien technology.

An example of this is the Logitech mouseman. There are devices out there are designed for purely aesthetic reasons and are modeled to look like something totally different. These can include a sports car, a grenade and even the torso of a women's body. Just be certain that your idea of a unique computer peripheral is not offensive in the workplace.

The problem with these devices is that the form often times outweighs the function. It may look neat, but if it doesn't perform well it's best to simply avoid it. Many of these models will have a lot of research and development done on the outer shell and ergonomics, but then simply install a basic or subpar electronics in the device.

Logitech is different. There mice are reliable, like the older generation Logitech RX300.As most of these unique designs are not mainstream products, expect for the cost to be higher than the more basic models out there. But if you're going for something different, that should not be a concern.