9 Little Known Frog Facts

If you live in an area with lakes and trees, you've probably stumbled across a frog once or twice in your life time. They are actually pretty interesting creatures and have much different bodily functions than humans. This list is 9 facts that you may not have known about frogs.

9. Frogs belong to zoological class called Amphibia; they are cold blooded vertebrate animals.

8. Frogs have teeth on the upper edge of the jaw which are referred to as Maxillary Teeth. The funny thing is, they don't use these teeth to chew their food; they are used to hold the food in place before they swallow it whole!

7. Frogs take between 12 to 16 weeks to go from a tadpole to their full grown state.

Green Frog

6. Frogs have a special kind of ears called tympanum that connect to their lungs. When they hear sounds, not only do their ears vibrate, but so do their lungs.

5. When a frog swallows a meal, his eyes will close and his eyes will actually drop into his throat forcing the food down into his belly.

4. Frogs hind legs are so strong they are capable of jumping up to twenty times their own body length in a single leap. They are one of the best leapers on the planet.

3. Frogs don't drink water through their mouths like humans; they absorb water through their skin to stay hydrated. They are also capable of absorbing oxygen not only through their lungs, but also through their skin.

2. It is hard to monitor frogs that aren't in captivity, but statistics show that the average from in captivity lives from 4-15 years. One person even claims their European Common Toad lived to see 40!

1. The biggest frogs known to man are currently the Goliath frog. They are roughly a foot long and way upwards of 8 lbs! This is the size of a house cat.