Fun Facts about Sodium

Sodium is one of of the elements included on the periodic table. Its symbol is "Na" which stands form Natrium in latin. Its Atomic Number is 11 which means that it has 11 protons in its nucleus. Sodium is a metal which is considered to be highly reactive. It is soft and can be cut with a dull knife at room temperature. Sodium has a waxy, silvery sheen and is very light weight.

In the natural world, Sodium does not exist by itself. It is usually bound with other elements like Chloride.

1. Sodium was originally discovered in 1807 by Sir Humphry Davy.
2. Sodium was at one time used as a way to cure headaches.
3. The symbol NAa comes form the name Natrium, which was from the Greek word Nitron. Nitron was a word used to describe salt.
4. Sodium makes up less than 3% of the earth's crust.
5. Sodium is th 4th most abundant element on earth.
6. The element can now be produced through commercial means
7. Sodium combines with the element Chloride to form a compound known as salt.
8. Sodium can also combine with other elements to create soda ash, baking soda, and borax.
9. Although Sodium and Salt are not the same, the two words are often used in place of one another.
10. Sodium is very common on stars as well as being one of the most abundant elements on earth.
11. Sodium is used in a variety of industries including the chemical industry, the paper industry, the textile industry, and the petroluem industry.
12. Sodium is used to create soap.
13. Table salt is made of the elements sodium and chloride; 40% of the compound is sodium and 60% is chloride.
14. Sodium is also used as a way to preserve food products. It is also used to make cheese as well as to make bread.
15. Sodium is referred to as "soda" by the English
16. Sodium is essential in order to keep your body functioning properly; too much Sodium can cause harm to your body. In proper amounts, sodium helps to keep fluid levels in the body balanced as well as to help nerves function properly.
17. The Egyptians combined sodium with lime to create a type of glass.
18. Sodium is used to create yellow fireworks.
19. Suda, or sodium, is the Arabic word for headache. Sodium was considered by many cultures to be a remedy for headaches. In Latin, the word sodanum which comes from sodium, means headache remedy.
20. Sodium is used to purify molten metals.
21. Sodium is very reactive with water. In fact, it will explode when it comes into contact with water.
22. Sodium is also found in many medications.
23. Sodium helps to regulate blood pressure.
24. Sodium Chloride or salt was once used as a currency to pay workers. A good worker was said to be "worth his salt". In fact, the word salary comes from the word salt.

You may be very surprised at some of the facts that you have learned about Sodium. As you can see, Sodium is a commonly used element.