First invented in 1907, the product has undergone numerous improvements since.

Paper towels were discovered by Arthur Scott from the Scott Paper Company who distributed them as throw away paper towels that one could use for cleaning. The product was invented almost accidentally when he had a shipment of toilet paper that was too thick to be used for its stated purpose so he improvised by perforating the paper and promoting them as a disposable cleaning tool

Mr Scott subsequently invented the kitchen paper towel in 1931.

Here are an additional 10 facts regarding the paper towel.

1. Paper towels are second only to restroom paper when it comes to usage.

2. Approximately 2/3 of paper towel usage takes place at home and the remaining one-third of towel use is out of the house which will comprise consumers utilizing the towels whilst out of the home and also in public toilets, etc.

3. Paper towel rolls typically come in two layers and are classified by their endurance, ability to soak up liquids, weight, thickness as well as color and pattern if any.

4. Although patterned paper rolls with diamond shapes or circles have got a eye-catching aesthetic appearance and help to increase sales of the products, the designs actually helps to elevate the absorbancy absorbability the towels too.

5. There's a trend away from creased or folded paper napkins to towel roll dispensers that has served to diminish paper napkin use by encouraging single-use of towels.

6. Touchless motion-sensing paper towel dispensers have helped to additionally reduce paper consumption further and perhaps the green effect has also curtailed people's consumption. Companies attempt to encourage more consumption through the use of paper towel coupons to help consumers save money and buy more products.

7. The North American (United States, Canada) paper towel market has actually expanded mostly due to the arrival of revolutionary solutions as well as innovative marketing and advertising campaigns.

8. The kitchen towel segment has witnessed a specific focus in product development along with new colors, styles, wrapping and accelerated absorbency making the merchandise more attractive to consumers as suppliers aim to make a distinction their goods from their competition.

9. To give a sense of the waste that paper towels produce, the EcoConsumer Waste Calculator supplied by King Country, WA shows that if each and every citizen in Washington state used only one paper towel each day, it would create 134,312 tons of waste just in Washington State alone which is sufficient to pack 1,685 747s jumbo jets.

10. Based on where you reside along with your local recycling providers, used paper towels can be composted through green bin plans that help to lessen landfill waste products by converting organic matter like household food scraps into fertilizer.