10 Facts About Chlorine

Chlorine on the Periodic Table of Elements1. Chlorine's Atomic number is 17

2. Chlorine's melting point is -100.98 °C

3. Chlorine's boiling point is 34.6 °C

4. Chlorine was first discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in Sweden back in 1774

5. Chlorine is a member of the halogen group and combines with nearly all the other elements.

6. Both in gas form as well as in liquid, Chlorine is an irritant and will negatively affect the respiratory system in gas form while it can burn your skin when in liquid form.

7. More than a few breaths of Chlorine in concentrations of 1000ppm will typically kill you.

8. Chlorine in gas form is a yellow-greenish color.

9. Chlorine containing molecules in the upper atmosphere have been implicated in destruction of our ozone layer.

10. Sodium Chloride, otherwise known as rock schalt, is the most common compound containing Chlorine and has been around and in use dating back to 3000 B.C.

Uses For Chlorine

Chlorine is used in many cleaning products as well for disinfecting pool and drinking water. Chlorine has been used as an element in chemical warfare agents. Chlorine is also used in the production of many products including: textiles, paper products, dyes, petroleum products, medicines, insecticides, disinfectants, foods, solvents, plastics, paints, and many other products.