10 Facts about DucksFun Facts about Ducks

Did you know that ducks are very social animals and suffer if they don't have companionship. If ducks have been raised alone they start to believe that they are part of the flock that is around them. This means that if a duck is raised by a human they start to believe that they to are human. If you think this is interesting, i have provided a list below of more interesting facts about ducks.

10 Facts about Ducks

1. Male ducks are called drakes, female ducks are called hens and babies are called ducklings.

2. Geese and swans are relatives of the duck.

3. Ducks have three eyelids.

4. A ducks feathers are waterproof.

5. When ducks quack they have no echo.

6. Some ducks can fly about 332 miles a day.

7. A ducks life span is 2-12 years, this depends on the species.

8. Ducks have webbed feet, which act like paddles.

9. Ducks never have cold feet since they do not have nerves or blood vessels in their feet.

10. Ducks line their nests with feathers they pluck from their chest.