10 Interesting Facts about Poop

Interesting Facts about Poop!

It may be gross and it may not be something that we talk about with our friends and associates, however it is a part of life. Let’s face it, we all have to Poop!! There are many facts associated with poop. I have put together a list of interesting and fun facts about poop that I hope will answer many of the questions that we are all wondering but are to embarrassed to ask!

1. About 75% of your poop is made of water

The other 25% percent is made up of dead bacteria and things that are indigestible such as fiber. The percentage’s can change for each poop, for instance the longer a poop stays inside your body the less water it will retain and the drier it will be.

2. Iron makes our poop brown

The same way iron in our red blood cells gives it a red blood color, the iron in our waste is what gives it a brown color.

3. A healthy human should poop once every two to three days or even several times a day

This of course can change due to particular circumstances such as medication and a change in foods while on vacation. When your feces harden this can interrupt the regularity of your poops and is also known as constipation.

4. Meat can make your poop stink!

The more meat you eat the smellier your poops, and farts will be. Meat is rich in a sulfide which is what makes your poop smell more. This is why an animal that has a diet rich in meat, poop smells worse than human

5. According to the Bristol Stool Scale, poop can be classified into seven groups

  1. These groups include: 

                                          i.    Separate hard lumps

                                         ii.    Sausage-shaped but lumpy

                                        iii.    Sausage-shaped with cracks

                                       iv.    Sausage-shaped but smooth

                                        v.    Blobs with clear cut edges

                                       vi.    Fluffy pieces, very mushy

                                      vii.    Watery

6. A baby’s poop is yellow and green in color

Once their body starts producing bilirubin  from dead red blood cells the color will change to brown. If you breast feed your baby, their poop will be yellowish in color, however their poop will be much smellier.

7. The scientific name for poop is feces, stool or excrement

However for those of us that don’t refer to it by its scientific name, other names associated to poop include:

                                          i.    Dung

                                         ii.    Sh*t

                                        iii.    Turd

                                       iv.    DooDoo

                                        v.    Number 2

8. We have all eaten poop!

Yes, even you!! In some way or another, everyone has consumed poop. We are careless at times and this has resulted in us unknowingly eating poop. May it be from not washing your hands properly after going to the bathroom or changing your baby’s diaper to even scratching your own behind.

9. If your gall bladder is removed, your poop changes color

Your gall bladder adds a green color to your poop, so if it is removed your poop will no longer be brown.

10. Elephants produce 80 pounds worth of poop every day!

Such animals as rabbits poop 500 pellets per day. The average human poops about half a pound per day.